Are you wondering about black desert online classes? Though the subject is a little out of the box, I offer complete information. You all must have played several online games. Black desert is one such multiplayer game that is divided into several classes. The black desert online xbox new classes is a popular name among teenagers. Also, hundreds and thousands of players from different countries play the game on the same server. While playing, the players must apply offensive and defensive tactics.

What is Black desert online classes?

Black desert is the name of a popular MMO (multiplayer online game). Pearl Abyss, a famous Korean video game developer, has evolved this game. Also, it was released in the year 2014. But, to date, the game is one of the most famous in the market. The players regard black desert classes as one of the well-recognized brands.

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Description of Black desert Online classes

Description of Black desert Online classes

The basis of the game is your black desert character. It is through these casts you make a swift and mighty strike. Also, you get the scope to slay your enemies. The total number of black desert classes has a figure 23. Also, it becomes pretty difficult for the players to choose and pick a specific one.

Male and Female black desert classes

Male and Female black desert classes

You can divide the characters of the game into two major categories, i.e. Male and female classes. Now, among them, you will find 14 female classes. But, the male classes are 9 in number. Let’s see the list in the below-mentioned table.

Also, the list of other female classes is as follows:

Male Classes Female Classes
Archer Corsair
Hashashin Guardian
Ninja Lahn
Striker Mystic
Wizard Ranger
Berserker Dark Knight
Musa Kunoichi
Sage Lahn
Warrior Mystic

Also the list of other female classes are as follows:

Female Classes

Archer class and weapons

It is always better to have an idea of several other classes and the one you are dealing with. Archer class is one of the popular classes which comes along with

■ Sage class (Awakening)

■ Hashashin class

■ Guardian Awakening class. It is among the black desert online awakening classes

■ Shai Class

■ Striker class

■ Lahn Class

■ Kunoichi Class, etc

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Weapons play a vital role in black desert online classes 2022. Let us have a look at the primary weapon in a tabular form.

Main Weapon Sub Weapon Awakening Weapon Combat Style
Crossbow Ra’ghon Greatbow Ranged

The Archer

The Archer

The design of the Archer’s crossbow was created for his arm. As a result, he can quickly move and that too with enough swiftness. Also, he possesses unmatched physical prowess. Another sub-weapon in the list is Ra’ghon. It is a particular type of glove that brings out the light’s power. Another awakening weapon of the category is the Great bow. In the game, he has refined his skills. As a result, it has become easier for him to move swiftly. Also, he possesses unique rope movement skills. Thus, he is now famous for gaining deadly accuracy in overtaking enemies.

Archer can stand just above the battlefield with a great bow in hand. This weapon is probably more significant as compared to the regular bow. Also, it can harmonize with mighty arrows. Having the Great bow, Archer gets the capacity to fire his enemies. If you want to know what is the best time to study, click here.

The Hashashin

The Hashashin
The particular male character sweeps through the desert. Also, he possesses Shamsir as his main weapon. It looks like a curved blade which also resembles a crescent moon. Hashashin has a sub-weapon named Haladie. You get to see the sand magics here. He dwells in the sand and proceeds with the unconventional attacks. Also, he has divine power. As a result, he can quickly vanish from the enemies’ sights. He suddenly strikes at the heart of the enemies with the countless whirlwinds of the sand. He does this to confuse the enemies predominantly. Also, the black desert has many more illusions.

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The Musa

The Musa
The blade and the horn bow are the two pieces of equipment Musa enters the battle. He is known as the master of the eastern master arts. He has several skill combos with which he can proceed quickly and quickly. His speed gets enhanced as soon as he uses the skill chase with the BDO classes. He skips the idea of facing too many opponents at the same time. Instead, he focuses on the single enemy. Also, he focuses on the weakness of the single enemy. His unique style with which he can create confusion among the enemy. Also, the hit and run tactics are something he uses.

One of his favorite weapons is the Crescent blade. It has a beautiful way of attacking in a slashing motion. Also, he creates uniformity in creating nimbleness and maneuverability. Moreover, his swings are heavier as a result. Musa can easily smash through the enemy lines with the crush in all that comes in his way. You must follow the bdo class tier list.

The Ninja

The Ninja

You all must have heard the name. Ninja is probably one famous character who uses the shortsword as his primary weapon. Also, it comes under the assassin class where the sub-weapon that he uses is Shuriken, Kunai. There is a combination of stealth and Ninjutsu. The enemies get a fatal blow from Ninja along with his weapons. But, sometimes Ninja cannot block attacks. Thus, it is better to stay hidden.

Six Katanas are also associated with Ninja. It is also known as Sura Katana. With its help, he becomes the shadow of this very battlefield. The power of single blows is there to cut down the enemies. With this, he discovered numerous techniques. Thus, he is not at all a silent killer. He could easily face the enemies and kill with ease with a sharp sword.

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The striker

The striker
The physical prowess of the striker makes his body extremely strong. In fact, his body can be regarded as one of the weapons. He has his weapons named Gauntlet and Vambrace. This helps protect his fist as well as arms. Among all the classes, he has the quality of combo multiplication of skills. Instead, you can say he is an extremely versatile fighter. Also, he has such a movement that it flows exactly like Water.

The striker has a great potential to overcome a fight within himself. As a result, he gets victory over the physical manifestation of his energy.

The Berserker class

The Berserker class
Berserkers inspire fear in their enemies with a war axe in each hand and various grabs to stop their foes in their tracks. The Berserker is a threat to anybody who crosses his way since his gigantic axes easily mutilate foes, and his grips make him a danger to anyone who crosses his path. The sheer mayhem they bring to the battlefield is undeniably advantageous, but his adaptability is the source of their strength. They can disrupt enemy bases and protect allies, among other capabilities.

The Berserker reawakens and acquires an Iron Buster hand cannon, allowing them to bombard foes from a distance. The utility of the Iron Buster poses the greatest threat. It deals enormous damage and enables this monstrous class to leap into the air and smack into the earth. He may also launch himself from the world using the Iron Buster to reach his destination, and the sight of this monster falling from the sky strikes dread into the hearts of even the most formidable foes. In the same way that a Sorceress spreads chaos by trickery, so do Berserkers with their very presence.

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The Sage

The Sage

Sage utilizes the Kyle, a weapon of his design, and the Talisman, which he manipulates with his magic, to move freely between space’s points.Also, Sage is the Last Ancient, a slumbering descendant of an Ancient Kingdom whose remains are dispersed worldwide. He wields the boundless power of the Kyle, which transforms space instantaneously to inflict catastrophic destruction on his foes. If abruptly attacked by his enemies, he can instantly release a blast to drive them away or employ a range of magical abilities, such as shapeshifting, to escape danger.

The awakened Sage may now use all of his hitherto dormant ancient abilities after reclaiming the Sibelius he fashioned eons ago. Sage can access the intrinsic power of the Sibelius by briefly meditating on it.

Sage’s primal strength, when fully charged, disposes of his adversaries as swiftly as lightning during a storm. Also, Sage may also conjure Arkanon, an ancient sword endowed with power by Kyle. Thanks to this potent weapon, Sage can maneuver unexpectedly between foes and wreak havoc in battle. Sage’s competitors will meet an exciting end with such a collection of firearms. He also has other numerous techniques to defeat enemies.

The Wizard

The Wizard
He Uses the power of the natural elements. The Wizard gathers it with his Staff; the Wizard destroys his enemies. He is an absolute master who can effortlessly control the force of enormous fireballs, lightning strikes, and howling snowstorms. He is a walking powerhouse that can even employ magic to compensate for his limitations in close combat. Additionally, he may defend himself or his teammates within a given region. He may be clumsy, but his power allows him to leap through space and surprise foes with a thrust of his Dagger.

God Sphera is a magical instrument that enables the Wizard to concentrate his supernatural abilities on a new level. They aid in the emergence of Marg, the protector of Fire, and Arne, the protector of Water. The Wizard can inflict even greater devastation on his foes with weapons at his side.

Succession Wizard reclaims his Staff and Dagger to cast potent magic against his foes. The Wizard amplifies the flow of the elemental primal, having attained great heights via an insatiable need for knowledge. Wizards excel in combat because they possess explosive magic and the capacity to escape difficult circumstances. His deft combos keep adversaries at bay and work as a support class for his allies with much.

The Warrior

The Warrior
The Warrior is a battle-hardened veteran who utilizes his physical power to execute skills while holding a single-handed longsword and shield. He can seize and pulverize his foes or execute a rapid and powerful blow with his Longsword as he charges into battle. His shield can also absorb strikes on the frontline. He is a highly adaptable combatant on the battlefield that can handle even the most challenging conditions.

Awakened Warrior brandishes a Great Sword with equal ferocity to its size. When his wrath reaches its peak, he is incapable of being stopped. In addition to his unrivaled physical power, his unexpectedly rapid skills wreak utter havoc on the battlefield. Even though he lacks a shield, he can still block with his Great Sword, providing some balance between offense and defense.

Upon achieving Succession, the Warrior enters the battlefield wielding his Longsword and Shield with a significantly more skilled hand than previously. He concentrates his strength on the Longsword to attack with greater ferocity. The massive swings of the Warrior’s swords bring down hordes of foes across a large area, but he maintains a light footing. The increased Longsword and Shield talents provide him with a balance between offense and defense, enhancing his battle effectiveness.

Black desert Female classes – Swift and mighty strike

You can now get the classes with shield skills. Also, they can flatten distant enemies. Following is the list with a description. You can get some facts on black desert online future classes.

The Corsair

The Corsair

Corsair uses the weapon called Serenace, a flexible blade whose length may be altered at will, and Mareca, a sea jewel that provides the wielder control over the tides. As a melee combatant, her free-form blade work consists of fluid combos centered on distinctive rope movement abilities that keep her aloft. No one is as impulsive as the Corsair, who glides around using her rope movements before suddenly extending her blade. She stays afloat, made up of fluid combos centered on excellent rope movement. She can strike her opponents at their most vulnerable moment. Being the melee fighter, she is centered with unique rope movement.

Corsair can turn into a mermaid with the capacity to conjure enormous waves to destroy her opponents while dancing with the Dream Whales of the Lost Sea of Dreams by utilizing the enigmatic abilities of Mareca. She can travel swiftly through the Water and stay submerged for longer than others, just as any good pirate would.

With Patraca, a weapon enchanted with the dense mist of the Crow’s Nest, the Awakened Corsair can quickly dash down foes engulfed in the fog. She can safely puncture distant opponents with her harpoon, pulling them into her mist and neutralizing them. She can summon gigantic waves which crush the opponents.

Moreover, as the esteemed captain of the Slippery Scallywags, she may naturally issue instructions to her crew. When the second Corsair gives the order, her devoted Scallywags are armed to the teeth with guns and prepared to start an artillery onslaught. All of this enables Corsair to dominate the battlefield and surprise her opponents.

Any adversary unlucky enough to encounter Corsair has no hope of escaping her mists, especially with her devoted crew.

Guardian Class

Guardian Class
The Guardian charges directly into battle, utilizing her formidable fortitude, and slashes mercilessly against her foes. She never yields, regardless of the circumstances. Instead, she seizes the enemy’s throat, slams her shield into them, and kills them off with her battle axe. Despite her zeal for combat, she can hold her security steady, wait patiently for the ideal opportunity, and strike like a swift beast. Her most significant quality is her strength and the force she delivers with each hit.

The Awakened Guardian now possesses Jordan. It is claimed to contain the Holy Flame, Unix, which has the power to consume the gods. She handles the enormous blade with the ease of a feather and rains wrath upon her foes. The flame of Jordan inflicts destruction across a wide area using destructive forces so potent that they thwart light itself. Using techniques reminiscent of the dragon Labreska, who formerly ruled over the snowy mountain, she incapacitates her foes with the keen edge of Jordan before bravely leaping on them.

The Guardian, who chooses Succession, wields the Battleaxe and Shield to deal ruthless punishment to her opponents. In exchange for the executioner’s duty, the Guardian relinquishes absolute power and demonstrates simple yet tremendous acts of strength. She annihilates her adversaries with simple yet overwhelming shows of might, shattering their armour and enemy lines. If you see the Guardian on the battlefield, you should immediately flee in the opposite direction. In the alternative, you may pay the ultimate price.

The Lahn

The Lahn
Lahn appears to be dancing while she twirls her Crescent Pendulum and Noble Sword due to her elegance. Her intricate motions allow her to reach distant foes in a second or escape danger. She may also soar through the air for a brief duration. This skill is exclusive to Lahn; her capabilities appear to be virtually limitless. She can flip between Crescent Pendulum to strike broad regions and Noble Sword to weave among foes and create openings for slicing them, allowing her to clear big packs of enemies in seconds.

The Crimson Glaives are two related words. Lahn employs the glaives with her characteristic motions to utterly destroy her adversaries. Despite the short length of the blades, she can throw one end and acquire some reach because of the chain. She excels at removing foes across a vast region. She is even more acrobatic than previously and has the longest-ranged grab among all classes. This enables her to punish anyone who momentarily lowers their guard and combo a single target into oblivion.

Succession Lahn reclaims her Crescent Pendulum and Noble Sword and engages in a more intricate, though still lethal, dance. She has successfully integrated her waltzes into a single movement after concentrating on them to escape her bloody past. She carves a trail of destruction into the enemy’s heart, utilizing a brilliant flying ability display. The sky’s the limit for the Lahn, whose unpredicted attacks wreak devastation on her enemies.


The Lahn

Mystic is a skilled martial artist who protects her arms with gauntlets and a vambrace. She prefers to batter her foes with a torrent of strikes rather than one big blow. She engages in brutal hand-to-hand combat and eliminates her enemies with swift gap-closing mobility, grabs, and other talents that debuff or incapacitate foes and give her the upper hand.

Awakened Mystic wears Cestus, which, like the gauntlet, shields her hands and enables her to utilize even more potent martial arts. Also, it comes with the blue power of the Sea Dragon; she may swiftly enter and exit any setting to distract her opponents. Using her extensive collection of debuffs, she may quickly acquire the upper hand in various circumstances. She can also summon the Sea Dragon through the consumption of Martial Spirit Shards gained through combat.

Once more, Succession Mystic dons her Gauntlet and Vambrace to unleash her Martial Spirit through her fists. Instead of relying on the Sea Dragon, Mystic has perfected the art of the calculating fist. Her fast combinations drive her foes to defend, preventing them from counterattacking as she delivers the last blow. The most vigorous defense is a potent offense, and Mystic assaults her adversaries’ ferocity, doing more damage than she will sustain.

Dark Knight

Dark Knight
Dark Knight carries a dangerous yet aesthetically stunning Kriegsmesser. She is Sylvia’s daughter, and her beauty mirrors that of the moon. The source of her power as a magical swordswoman is the amplification of spirit energy. She can attack both in front of and behind her, darting through adversaries to deliver fast, deadly blows. Despite being in a melee class, she cannot withstand much damage. Instead, she chooses to block with her Kriegsmesser or assault from a distance.

Dark Knight encounters her opposition with Kriegsmesser and Ornamental Knot upon Succession. She will employ harsh attacks against everyone who opposes her self-proclaimed righteousness. She wields Kriegsmesser deftly as she infiltrates the centre of the conflict, slaying foes and turning the tide. Dark Knight gets more aggressive and lethal as she effortlessly wields her Kriegsmesser and Ornamental Knot, allowing her to administer true justice to her enemies. What is the best class in Black Desert Online?

One of the most recommended BDO classes is the Guardian class. Initially, she feels like a tanky or a slow class. But, once the game proceeds and reaches the end, you can observe her incredible performance. Also, the striker class is quite popular, and many people say it is the best class in the black desert online. They are not just swift but also easy to learn.


Kunoichi’s primary weapon is a Shortsword, and she can select between Kunai and Shuriken as secondary weapons. She is a class of assassins that inspires fear in her foes, but she is not one to lie in wait for the perfect one-shot kill. She will employ her Kunai to hold enemies at bay and deflect strikes, and she will use stealth for hunting for an opportunity. At the appropriate time, she may close in and do tremendous damage. Kunoichi can be tough to engage at the optimal moment, but once she begins her onslaught, she does not cease until her target falls.

Awakened, Kunoichi wields the crescent-shaped Sak Chakram sword. She may utilize it, among other skills, to slice, attack, and throw, but her self-buff effects might not stay as long as those of different classes. Even though the Sak Chakram must be handled with both hands, she can still destroy her foes effectively. With a wide variety of skills, anyone who masters how she closes in on the adversary can deliver the most damage of any class.

Succession Kunoichi swings the Shortsword, Shuriken, or Kunai to defeat her adversaries. The Kunoichi has pulled all emotion from her blade, subduing her fury for her family’s awful demise deep within her heart. With even more audacious moves and stealthy abilities, the Kunoichi specializes in ambushing her adversaries with crucial blows. If she can maintain composure on the chaotic battlefield, her dexterous movements alone make her a formidable opponent.

Nova Class

Nova Class

Nova may attack from mid-range to close range with the Morning Star and Quoratum shield, imbued with the goddess’s powers. She is the sole surviving descendant of the royal bloodline of Calpheon, which was wiped off with the formation of the republic. The character can effortlessly combine offensive along with defensive tactics.

Her shield protects her like an iron fortress, and her Morning Star can obliterate faraway foes. The souls of the Thornwood Guard, who follow her every command, occupy Nova’s Quorum. She can effortlessly mix offensive and defensive strategies to annihilate her foes by instructing her spirit guards to assault while fortifying herself behind a massive shield. Her surprisingly quick skills have surprised the viewers.

The Valkyrie awakening among the female class is another major hit. Also, the Ranger class operates with a melee weapon. Rather, use of it is ultimate fun as compared to other weapons. You may also find Gauntlet class which can instantly alter space.

How many classes black desert online?

The exact count of the classes is hard to quote. Some sources say there are 34 classes, whereas other states have 24. Again some sources say black desert online has 22 lessons. But, one of the reliable sources speaks about 14 female and 9 male classes.

What are the broken classes of black desert online?

The majority of the classes on the black desert online are solid and competitive. However, there are two distinct classes that are different. Those are the wizard and witch class. Yes, these are regarded as the broken classes of black desert online.

What are the best black desert online classes?

The black desert class is quite popular among the mass. Thus, people like almost all the characters of the game. All of them use deadly weapon. This particular fact inspires the player. However, the most popular ones are:

■ Berserker

■ Ranger.

■ Witch.

■ Sage.

■ Sorceress.

■ Wizard

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What classes are in black desert online xbox one?

Nova is the new hero or the character that comes to the xbox. Instead, it can be stated as black desert online xbox one classes. Black Desert commemorates the arrival of Nova with several unique activities. The first, Calpheon’s Last Princess, has an event-specific quest called The Cold, Dark Star. The pursuit is offered through the Black Spirit, and as the questline progresses, players will learn more about Nova’s background.

2. What are awakened classes in black desert online?

Beginning with the Awakening systems, these systems are introduced via quest lines for each weapon type. A second approach to consider Awakening and Succession is that Awakening teaches players a new weapon talent, while Succession refines and improves this skill via practice.

3. What is the best solo class in black desert?

The majority of these classes are excellent; however, a few lag behind when it comes to endgame material. When creating a role for the first time, it can be challenging to select the optimal class. The Guardian is the most recommended class in BDO, and with good reason.

Guardian initially feels like a tanky and slow class, but she performs pretty well after you reach endgame challenges.

4. How many classes are present in Black Desert Online?

There are different facts in different places regarding the classes of black desert online. However, one of the reliable pieces of information says it has 24v types.

5. Is Ninja a good class black desert?

The Awakened Ninja is a melee skirmisher who excels in 1v1 and small-scale PVP situations. As a result, they perform best in a flank/flex squad in a node war and have difficulty finding their niche in large-scale combat. Ninja is a rapid grinder in low-level PVE but is merely average in high-level PVE. 17

6. Can you change gender in Black Desert?

All classes are segregated by gender. There is no such thing as “gender unlocked following awakenings.” An awakening is merely a new weapon; it does not alter your class or gender. If you dislike gender-locked types, it will be of little assistance. You can find more facts on black desert gender locked classes.

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