Taking an online test can be a new and somewhat bewildering experience.

You might be unexpected about what to get, or you may not be sure of the skills and online exam strategies that will enable you to perform at your best.

Therefore, if you are thinking, “How to be successful in an online class?

Let us offer some good news: many of the steps you’ll take to complete an online exam are pretty similar to those you’d engage in as you prepare for an in-class test.

However, there are some crucial variations between the two experiences that warrant a bit of extra awareness and test preparation before taking your next online exam.

This blog post provides practical test-taking tips for college students on how to get better grades in their online degree courses!

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How to prepare for an Online Test?


How to prepare for an Online Test?

Although online examinations may cause some stress and anxiety, they are fundamental for progress in the classroom.

Sometimes it can be insightful to think about your academic goals and get a little excited before exams begin.

Here are some online exam tips and tricks.

Before The Online Exam 

Educate Yourself.

Be fully prepared for your test before you start studying! Before starting, find out:

  • What chapters and topics will be covered on the test?
  • What type of questions is being asked?
  • Short answer vs. multiple choice etc.

These factors determine how to study.

Make Study Notes.

A great way to study is on your own by making notes and drawing diagrams. It saves time later when you can review the material for any gaps in understanding or knowledge.


Try your best to do practice questions and take timed exams before the actual test. It will improve your confidence, reduce anxiety, and help you know what it may be like to work in a high-pressure situation.

Cut Distractions.

Turn off your phone, close down all other apps, and only study before this crucial exam. Distractions make it tough to focus on what you’re doing, making it more challenging to memorize facts.

Don’t Skip the Easy Stuff.

Before you start tackling the difficult questions, make sure that you know how to answer all easy ones. Skip over them if they are too complex or take more than a minute; there will be plenty left for later.

Check Your Computer.

Take some time to make sure that your computer is set up correctly and all of the necessary cables are plugged in before you start answering questions.

Clear up your computer issues before the exam:

  • Do you have a computer? Or will you be using one in class?
  • Make sure it is updated with software and hardware well before the exam.
  • Check to make sure it will work for when you take the test.

Know The Test Format.

  • Do you know the time limit?
  • How does it work?
  • Will there be a break halfway through, or is it all at once?
  • Does your teacher give out scantrons to fill in with answers, or can you use pen and paper?

This information should be on the syllabus. If not, ask your teacher for clarification.

Test Yourself.

One of the best tips for taking online exams is to practice past papers. It helps you get used to the format and time management, which can be especially helpful if you are unfamiliar with a test in that style.

Plan Your Time.

Find out when the test starts and finishes. Ask how long it will take to print your paper or if you can submit it electronically from a laptop in class.

It is crucial to know how much time you have for breakfast or lunch to don’t feel rushed at the last minute. If there are unexpected delays on either side, you’ll want to make sure that the time is enough for any necessary adjustments.

Set The Time For Your Test.

You should set the test for a time that’s convenient for you. This way, if there are any problems with your computer or connection, you can take care of it without feeling rushed or out of control.

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During The Online Exam

Keep Track Of Time.

To avoid running out of time before the exam, you need to keep track of how you are spending the allotted hour. It is easy because online exams provide feedback on how much time has elapsed and how much remains for each question.

Don’t Leave The Test Page.

Online exams, as their name implies, are administered in a web browser. It means that even if the student closes this window to use another program on the computer or surfs away from it entirely and logs off for a break, they will still be logged into the test when they return. Leaving an online exam puts a student at risk of losing any work they’ve done so far.

Print & Save Answers If Allowed.

Some exams allow students to print their answers to keep them safe, and this is an excellent strategy for those who are not confident in the security features offered by their web browser. Others still require that all work be done online, or else there will be no opportunity for review before submission.

Check Your Work Before Submitting.

It can be tempting for students to finish an exam quickly and submit it before checking their work. However, it isn’t very reasonable. The last thing you want is to offer your test that contains errors or mistakes and has no chance of correcting them before time runs out.

Make sure to click “Submit.”

In some cases, the moment after a test is submitted, it disappears. It can be troubling for those who are not confident in their work and might want to go back and review or edit an answer before submitting it. If you have problems submitting the test, try once more. If you still have a problem completing the exam, let your instructor know immediately and attach your intended answers to an email.

After The Online Exam

Evaluate Yourself.

As soon as you finish with the test, take a few moments to evaluate your performance. When was it you went from having no idea of how well (or poorly) you did on an exam? If it’s been a while, this is probably not something that occurs in your present life. But if it does appear, how do you feel? It’s important to reflect on this because it might indicate a potential issue that needs to be addressed.

Evaluating your performance can provide several benefits:

  • You may identify an area of weakness, which you should work on over the next few weeks to prepare for your upcoming exams.
  • You may reflect on what went well and not so well during the test, which will help you know what to do in similar future situations.

For example, did you plan for a break after every hour of studying? Did you take notes as soon or as often as possible? Were there any questions that were difficult but that you still got right?

It will help keep things fresh and exciting for your brain.

Try Grading Your Test

As you complete your test, stop periodically and grade what you’ve written.

  • Did I answer all the questions?
  • Do I have quality information to support my answers?
  • Am I answering each question before moving on to the next one, or am I rushing through them more quickly than is helpful for me?
  • Is there anything that stands out as questionable?

The more you practice, the better your self-assessment skills will be.

If you want to have an even more accurate assessment of how well you’ve done on a test or quiz so far (or feel like it’s not going too well), stop and do this quick grading task every 15 minutes!

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Think of Self-Improvement

Notice what you did well and identify any areas for improvement.

If your answer is “I don’t know,” that’s a good start! Try asking yourself why you chose the wrong answer, or ask someone who might provide some insight about it.

It will help with both self-assessment skills and improvement in any given area.

Take a break now and then assess your work, but make sure not to let it distract you from what you’re doing!

It can be helpful to stop self-assessing after 45 minutes or so (it’s hard for the brain to focus on something without getting distracted), even if that means taking a break to do something else.

It will give the brain time to rejuvenate and help you focus on your work better when you return, making it easier for everyone!

Keep these tips in mind while doing an online test next time so that you can score higher than ever before!


Is an online exam better than an offline exam?

Is an online exam better than an offline exam?

Some people believe that taking an in-class exam is better than taking an online exam because they think it’s more challenging and forces them to focus on the task at hand.

Others argue, however, that there are several advantages to testing remotely.

A student can complete tests from any location with internet access, making it possible to study at a library without always finding space in the campus facility.

There is no need for sitting arrangements, leading to more comfortable and productive studying conditions.

The online testing environment is often less distracting than an offline setting, as there are fewer people around who might be chatting with one another or coming into class late.

Online exams require little equipment from the student beyond pencils and paper—and they don’t even have to share!

Depending on the location, it may be difficult, if not impossible, for some students (those living in rural areas) to attend classes regularly.

So this option provides them access that would otherwise be unavailable.

Online exams may feel less pressure-filled than in-class tests because no one is sitting next to you who can look over and see you sweating through an exam.

So if taking the test online would lessen anxiety levels enough that students will do better on it, then it’s worth exploring as an option.

Therefore, when deciding “what are the best things about learning online?“- Be sure to consider the availability of this alternative.

Similarly, the biggest drawback with taking online tests—and any remote assessment—is that they are not available universally across different geographic regions or different time zones.

It means that some students might need to make special arrangements such as commuting or setting up their seating arrangement, which can lead to more uncomfortable and unproductive studying.

Moreover, it’s important to remember that the availability of online exams comes with a time commitment.

Students who are taking an exam early in the morning or late at night need to consider factors such as getting up from bed and ensuring there is enough light available for them when they start answering questions on their computer screen.

Lastly, it’s crucial not to underestimate just how much technology can impact your ability to score well on an online test.

If you’re not comfortable using specific tools like webcams or microphones, then this may be prohibitive for you if you have any hope of performing satisfactorily during your next exam.


How can I get the highest marks in an exam?

How can I get the highest marks in an exam?
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