I’m Hal Turner

(Academic Writing expert)

An academic writing expert pays close attention to detail, ensuring that their work is accurate and error-free, and adheres to the highest standards of academic integrity and ethics.

Hal Turner

Critical thinking and problem-solving: An academic writing expert has honed their skills in critical thinking and problem-solving, allowing them to develop original and innovative ideas and solutions to complex academic challenges.

Hal Turner

Who I am?

Hello. I am Hal Turner, an academic writing expert with a passion for research and writing. I have spent the last 12 years in academia, helping students and professionals improve their academic writing skills and produce high-quality work.

My Qualification

I hold a BA in English from Brown University and an MA in Liberal Arts from the University of Texas. During my MA, I was awarded a full scholarship for academic excellence and was also recognized for my research work on the usage of English in academics and research.

My Expertise

I help writers understand the nuances of academic writing, including formatting, style, and citation. Each written work is coherent, logical, and well-supported, whether it is a research paper or a dissertation. I am also skilled in working with clients who are not native English speakers and can help them achieve fluency in their writing.

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My Experience

I have worked as a writing tutor for four years at UCB, helping students with their essays, research papers, and dissertations. My experience as a freelance writer and editor has helped professionals in various industries produce clear, concise, and effective written communication.

My Publications

I have published numerous papers in academic journals, including Research in the Teaching of English and The WAC Clearinghouse. My research on academic writing (Students’ Writing in Higher Education) has been cited in various academic papers and has been presented at several international conferences.


I can say that I love helping individuals achieve their academic goals and produce high-quality written work. My education, experience, and expertise provides invaluable guidance and support to anyone looking to improve their academic writing skills.

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