Frequently Asked Questions

How does the whole process work?

It’s Simple! First, register yourself with our services and fill up the details of your work. Our academic experts will go through assignments and schedule the perfect partner who is best suited for the job. All our work is in-house and therefore maintains the quality standard of our work. Our experts work diligently on your assignment, quiz or test and upload it directly to your student portal. We never lock you out of your account so you can track your progress whenever required. We will, simultaneously, notify you about the development of your work or you can directly talk with our customer support if you have any queries.

How does payment work?

Once we have received the requirements of your work, a price quote will be generated instantly. With it, we will send you the payment link through which you can make your payment. We accept credit, debit and PayPal transactions. Our prices start as low as $20 for each work. However, depending on the urgency and the type of workload, our pricing may differ.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment through Debit, Credit and PayPal accounts.

Can you help me out with everything? Including discussion posts?
Yes, we will! From online classes, assignments, quizzes, tests, discussion forums to finishing your research paper, our professional experts can do it all.
What if I really like my service professional, Can I request him/her again?
If you like the work and want the same person to work on your classes, just put a note, and we will make sure to get you the same expert for the job.
How do I get a quote?
Just sign up with our website, fill your requirement details and then click on the purchase link if you agree with the quote. An email will be sent with a payment link. Click on the link to make the payment after which our academic experts will start working on your project. If you are unhappy with our quote, send us an email, and we will reevaluate and send you a revised quote.
Do you do all classes?
There are very few classes that we may be unfamiliar with. We are a group of experienced professionals who can handle every course imaginable.
How quickly can my work be completed?
Within or before the deadline that you provide us! Ideally, a minimum timeframe of 24 to 48 hours is advised, but we have completed projects with as little as 3-4 hours at hand.
Is this confidential?
We take the privacy and confidentiality of our clients seriously. We have strict protocols in place that protects against unauthorized breach of firewall and security. We guarantee 100% security to your personal information that you share with us.
Do you offer an ‘Entire Course’ Packaged deal?
This is what we do! Along with it, we deliver quality homework assignments, quizzes, tests, and complete your full online class. We also provide a special deal for our students who frequently sign up with us.
Do I need to buy textbooks?
Once you sign up for our services, we will carefully review if any textbooks are necessary for the syllabus. If it is, we will ask you to provide that either through-book or in its physical format. Don’t worry; we will never ask for unnecessary or costly material from your end.
Do you use TurnItIn to check the ordered paper for plagiarism?
We check every page for plagiarism before we make the final submission. However, we do not use TurnItIn. The major fail when using TurnItIn is that all the scanned papers are already submitted into their database. This means, if your professor checks for the same paper, we will be completely plagiarised. This is why we use Grammarly, and it has proven to be the best application that fits our purpose.
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