I’m Norwood Schneider

(Creative Writing)

A creative writing expert is collaborative and receptive, working closely with editors and other stakeholders to refine their work and ensure that it meets the needs and expectations of the target audience.

Norwood Schneider

Mastery of language and style: A creative writing expert is a master of language and style, using a wide range of literary devices, such as imagery, metaphor, and symbolism, to create vivid and evocative prose.

N. Schneider

Who I am?

Hi. My name is Norwood Schneider, and I am a creative writing expert with a passion for non-linear storytelling. I have been honing my craft for over 14 years and have helped numerous aspiring writers bring their stories to life.

My Qualification

I hold a BA in English from Stanford University and a Minor in creative writing from Stanford University. During my studies, I received recognition for my creative writing skills and was awarded a merit scholarship for creative writing excellence.

My Expertise

My experience includes working as a writing instructor for seven years at Upenn, where I taught undergraduate courses in creative writing, fiction, and poetry. I have also worked as a freelance writer and editor, helping writers across genres develop their skills and refine their work.

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My Experience

In storytelling, I provide critical feedback on plot development, character development, devices, and other key elements of storytelling. My clients learn to craft compelling narratives that engage readers and leave a strong impression.

My Publications

I have published several works of fiction and poetry, including “The Eternal Verities”  and “Never Hide,” both by 8th House Publishing. My work has received critical acclaim and recognition in the literary community.

To conclude, helping writers develop their craft and achieve their creative goals satisfies me the most. With my academic and professional background, I can provide expert guidance and long-term support to anyone keen to improve their creative writing skills and take their imagination to the next level.

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