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The majority of colleges and educational institutes are adopting online learning. COVID 19 was one of the prime reasons behind online courses. Students and their parents, too, have adopted the online program with a remote learning facility. Also, most parents are calculating online education. As a result, calculative moves through online education came into existence. 

Surveys say online students get more benefits than the ones that traditional classroom learning. Also, the working professionals get much flexibility while pursuing an online degree. Web-based instruction benefits students and teachers. It happens for a convenient learning experience with a single internet connection. The blog will emphasize on the several calculative moves within the internet based education system.

Origin of Online Education

The pedagogical landscape has changed in the last few years. It is  replaced with computer-assisted instructions. The reasons behind it are many, one of which is convenience and affordability. The colleges and other educational institutes are now adopting the online classroom.

Web-based education is now in demand in COVID affected world. Parents are concerned about the safety of their children, which is possible with online tools. They no longer need to visit the physical classroom that may have a chance of spreading and adapting to the deadly disease.

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Some scholarly findings on online studies

An eminent study by the Google scholar, Lundberg et al, 2008, ” was observed. Here, the online courses in Universities have increased dramatically. over the last couple of years.” Also, the prospective students get a quality education without the need to sacrifice work time. Moreover, they get a work-life balance by saving travel expenses.

Students no more have to dedicate themselves to a specific location. Instead, they have the scope to communicate with professors/teachers/instructors. It is based at different locations. Flexibility and easy access to several online teaching methods are the added benefits of online degree programs. The flexibility has increased awareness and demand of distance learning. says Wladis et al.,2015 (google scholar).


What is the impact of online learning to students?

What is the impact of online learning to students

After the evaluation of online learners in high schools and above, scholars could observe both positive and negative impacts. They were provided with the opportunity to self-select. They can either opt for online education or go for class discussions. 

The positive outcome of students learning online-

What are the positive effects of online classes? Is this what you are wandering around? Below are the points that can provide you with a good insight.

Expand inclusivity-

There are many students with a shy nature. They are hardly comfortable when their teacher asks them a question. The students learning online don’t get noticed like that of an on-campus program.

Building of community and relationship-

The online learning studies allow the scope to communicate not only with the individuals within the same nation. Instead, the students and teachers from around the world get associated on the same platform. All are from different community

Better accessibility-

Online learning provides excellent scope to have access to major assignments instantly. You need not travel a long distance to collect the complete assignments. Everything is available online. The only things you need are a stable internet connection and a device. Also, there are experts who can provide the students with online class help.


Unlike the traditional classroom setting, the online option doesn’t ask you to a different location to study. Thus, you are saving your traveling expenses. Therefore, it is a true cost-saving option.

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Expanded global view-

Usually, the student learning in many high schools and colleges are restricted classes in school districts. But, when you are availing online degrees, you get the scope to explore the world.

The negative impact of online education-

The pandemic has shut down schools and colleges across the world. Around 1.2 billion students around the globe are attending studies in the virtual classroom. However, the researchers have observed some negative impacts that are mentioned below:

Technological fault-

The activity in online courses is fully dependent on technology. Thus, the entire process gets disrupted with technical faults.  The students face issues with an internet connection or the computer hardware.

Lack direct contact-

Students pursuing online learning lack direct contact with teachers or faculty members. It entirely stops face-to-face communication. As a result, their ability to communicate in person is reduced.

Commitment of time-

Online learning creates too much flexibility of time. As a result, the discipline of the students is at stake. Online students do take advantage of the freedom and misuse the time.

Less accountability-

Reaching the students pursuing online education becomes hard. The accountability of the students decreases which affects the performance online. Also, the teachers tests online and update the result in the learning portal. Thus, students are hardly accountable for their deteriorated performance.

Facts on calculative moves through online education

Facts on calculative moves through online education

An expert named Linda Holm wrote an interesting article. It discusses the calculative moves present in online education. She points out different characteristics in online education over traditional education. Also, it boosts the educators to reconsider their view of what teaching is.

To teach in the digital world is not just about transferring information anymore. But also it uses tactics such as participating in social media, creating videos, and updating learning management systems.

One of the main aspects of online education is data-driven decisions. It deals with the gain of a better understanding of students and using it for marketing purposes or to get new enrollments. Holm argues that educational institutions need to be aware.

One can observe the calculative nature of online education by using data. One can observe it as an act of surveillance. Here, companies or educational institutions use the collection of information. It is done to gain new insights about students’ behavior, preferences, and level of engagement with learning resources. The Student activity in online courses is comparatively less as compared to the on-campus counterparts.

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Benefits of Traditional Face to Face Classroom Education

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How Long Can It Take To Complete An Assignment?

How long can it take to complete an assignment

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