Looking to Cheat on Aleks test? Here are some clever ways to do so!
The ALEKS program guides both parents and teachers, helping students not cheat on Aleks test and understand what they learned and how well they comprehend it.

With this understanding, there is an increase in comprehension of material which ultimately means better retention skills within the child.

However, as many students take on various responsibilities and leave little time for studying, many wonder if there is a better way to get Aleks test answers.

This blog post will help you understand how to cheat on Aleks test.

What Makes Students Cheat On Aleks Test?


The main reason why students cheat on Aleks test is that they want to get a higher grade.

For the most part, these are competitive people who like to do their very best at everything they try, and that includes taking exams with ALEKS.

However, when you consider how intimidating it can be to take an online exam, some find themselves not knowing where to turn.

And so, in the interest of getting a better grade than what they have earned on previous tests, some go out looking for other options, including cheating on Aleks test.

It is said that more than 50% of high school seniors admit to having cheated on an assignment or test at least once before graduating from High School. However, ALEKS takes steps to prevent students cheat on Aleks test.

As such, you need to understand that there is no simple way of getting away with it when it comes to online testing and computerized grading.

The ALEKS program will record all attempts at the exam, and any wrong answers entered based on the timing and search frequency after that. It makes it easier for teachers using ALEKS for their exam prep to identify who may be cheating on the Aleks test.

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Is Aleks Capable Of Detecting Cheating?

Often, the first thought in mind is whether or not Aleks can detect cheating. As ALEKS monitors progress and checks for mastery of each skill before allowing you to move on to the following material, students need to understand that using test cheats will only get them caught red-handed.

ALEKS prevents cheating by using proctoring and a lockdown browser. In addition, ALEKS also has a respondus monitor that uses the webcam to record students for instructors to notice any suspicious activity.

The recording of sessions is done to ensure students cannot cheat on examinations. For Instance, the Respondus Monitor dashboard enables the teacher to check if any student is about to cheat on Aleks Placement test.

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Moreover, the system detects suspicious behavior. But, for this feature to work correctly, students must use a webcam and microphone with a Lockdown browser. By doing so, teachers can check assessment details that include recorded videos.

Similarly, The monitor records the entire examination period and can determine if the learner has a phone or is working with someone else. It is made possible by facial detection technology.

Does the ALEKS Test Record You?

ALEKS provides proctored and non-proctored exams. The Lockdown browser feature, part of the exam software, works in conjunction with a response monitor to record your responses if you take a proctored exam.

Similarly, the webcam monitors Non-proctored exams on your computer during testing time.

To make recordings possible, the computer must have a functioning webcam and microphone. With a display monitor, teachers can see the visual rating of behavior during the exam.

If cheating is displayed on the screen, the teachers return to students’ video recording sessions and review the cheating attempt. The recordings can then be used to identify the first person who cheated on the exam.

Moreover, with the recording session, teachers can check a time-stamped thumbnail of what was suspicious.

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Respondus LockDown browser is efficient because it maintains a classroom-like setting. This setting includes the students’ webcam and microphones for a more secure recording experience.

The Respondus Lockdown browser and monitor software, which locks students out of other browsers during exams, helps make cheating difficult but is not guaranteed to prevent cheating.

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Does ALEKS Know If You Switch Tabs?

No. If you alter to a different tab in the same browser window, ALEKS will not tell what page you are on.

However, if you close your browser and open it again or load a different browser window/tab, ALEKS will know that your answers have changed because the cookies from their servers were deleted.

Since cookies can only store strings, this means that any attempt to answer ALEKS questions with information other than what’s displayed on the screen will cause an error message (since adding anything outside of the original question is impossible).

Suppose Aleks still sees the original problem (i.e., a user is trying to cheat by changing tabs). In that case, it will simply return whatever solution ALEKS has found, even if it’s not the same as what was initially presented on screen.

Can Aleks Track Its Users?

One piece of information about ALEKS that makes it an effective tool is that students are better prepared when they take this learning path than other methods.

The difference in knowledge retention and motivation is also apparent. When compared to other tools, ALEKS stands alone as the most effective knowing-learning tool on the market.

Despite its benefits, one overarching question remains, does Aleks Track its users?

The Answer is Yes! To detect cheating, ALEKS tracks you. Before using it, the program takes your unique characteristics, such as a video of yourself and any other identifying features like face recognition, to learn about your behaviors and conduct.

However, you can rest assured that no sensitive information is being tracked. Said tracking only exists to safeguard the exam itself. It will capture no other private data during this test.

If said monitoring captures any personal details for the user, it becomes a violation of privacy protocols. That, of course, would mean that ALEKS will stop tracking you immediately.

More importantly, the ALEKS tool helps parents understand their child’s strengths and weaknesses. With ALEKS, content is delivered in a traditional textbook format.

Even so, what makes ALEKS better is videos and worked-out examples in addition to textbooks. It can be a vital tool for students who want extra practice with the material.

How Do You Cheat On Aleks Test? 

ALEKS has a unique feature called the adaptive learning engine. This technology tracks you and other students as you take the test. It helps keep students within their appropriate grade levels and subject areas to determine the most effective path for everyone involved.

It is an added layer of security meant to safeguard all users against cheating.

However, there could be times when one could cheat on Aleks test without getting caught easily.

Originally, we had said that students could not cheat on ALEKS tests using the Respondus Lockdown Browser. However, studies have recently found some exceptions where the technology has been defeated.

ALT+TAB Combination

The easiest way to trick ALEKS is by using the Alt+tab key combination. It will allow you to switch between windows and navigate through the information on your screen during a test. Alternatively, you can turn off your internet for a while until the time limit expires.

Turning Off The Internet

There are a few ways that your recordings can be disabled, but one way starts when you turn off the internet on your computer. When this happens, the browser cannot access the microphone or webcam for some time, so no recording is done.

Using Blind Zones

Another tactic for online exams is to use blind zones. How do you think? The idea of video surveillance had existed since at least the early 1990s when the modem was introduced.

The idea is simple; you need to position your screen so that it cannot be recorded. While this seems like an excellent way to cheat on Aleks test, you first have to ensure the program does not run in blind zones.

However, you need to understand that this trick may not work effectively. School administrators discourage students from looking away from the screen for more than one minute at each break in between lessons, thus enabling them complete control over managing what they teach and assess online.

Using Programming Software

However, there are other ways of cheating that work well with online tests. For one thing, when performing an online exam, then you can use the programming language flash. It allows you to get away with many things during the exam without getting caught on video or audio recordings. 

Executing Desktop File

Lastly, remember that you can use the executable desktop file, which is called desktop.exe. Through this application, you can create multiple desktops that will help you run different applications concurrently. But as you do these things, keep in mind that there are always consequences for these actions.

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Is There A Way To Get Answers For ALEKS?

If you are not tech-savvy or find using the above methods difficult, there are alternative ways to cheat on Aleks test. One option is by hiring an online class service.

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