Edulastic is an online, fast-growing educational technology. It enhances students’ and educators’ teaching and learning experiences. It offers various teacher tools and resources for assessment and personalized classroom learning.

This learning platform allows teachers to create, administer, and analyse assessments. It also provides students with an interactive learning environment. It is transforming traditional assessment methods, providing educators with insights into student learning. Continue reading this Edulastic blog to learn how it helps transform digital education. 

How Students Can Log In To Edulastic from Home For Assessment

How Students Can Log In To Edulastic from Home For Assessment

Students can operate Edulastic while working from home. They can access digital assignments with an internet connection. You can access it from any device, like laptops, tablets, and desktops, but it should have a display wider than 1024px. Here are the data-driven instructions students need to follow:

Step 1: Log in to the Edulastic website 

Step 2: If students sign up through Google or Office 365 email addresses, they need to enter the class code given by the teacher. 

Step 3: To create an account, enter the class code, name, username/email, and password.

Step 4: Once logged in, the student can access the new or active assignment.

Step 5: Select the classes to see the assignments. 

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Use of Edulastic: Beneficial For Teachers To Engage Students

This next-generation online assessment platform provides educators with customizable and time-saving solutions for assigning students tests, digital quizzes, and engaging Edulastic assessments.

Here are six reasons why it is beneficial :

Give Instant Data 

As teachers, it’s important to monitor students progress. The students’ reports enable teachers to view their progress in an organized dashboard. It helps educators and students quickly identify areas where they need more instructional time. The dashboard can reveal which students need additional support. 

The admins can also have access to instant data. It gives administrators the assessment tool to make, distribute, and review benchmarks. The premium option grants administrators their dashboard with student reports across schools and classes. 

Google Classroom Sync

Google Classroom Sync

Edulastic integrates a variety of educational platforms for a smoother experience in this digital age. It includes Google Classroom, Microsoft Office 360, Google Docs and Canvas. It enables teachers to sync classes easily and share assignments with a single sign-on. Integrating education technology trends gives a seamless learning experience for teachers and students. 

Multimedia Capabilities 

Educators can create effective learning experiences with Edulastic. It can incorporate audio files, videos, and images into the tests. Uploading multimedia is simple to use. Edulastic is a tool that allows teachers to make learning and tests more engaging. 

Also, know how to get Edulastic answers. It will help students learn the concept in-depth. 

Instant Grading

This feature streamlines the student assessment process. Educators can get immediate feedback and suggestions on student performance if required. 

Personalized Learning 

This Edtech innovation provides personalized and adaptive learning ways for students. It is based on their assessment results. 

This helps teachers tailor instruction to individual student needs. It is an online assessment platform that allows real-time collaboration. This enables teachers to collaborate and share resources and insights. 

Know How Teachers Transformed Classrooms By Using Edulastic Features For Students 

Edulastic offers a variety of features for students that allow them to access the information and have better learning outcomes. Below are some of the features that are beneficial for the students. 

Text to speech 

This feature allows students to have assessment questions and instructions read aloud. It benefits students with reading difficulty and other disabilities. 

Extended time 

Educators can extend the assessment time limit to help students get additional time to complete the tasks. 


Students also have access to an online calculator, which can be helpful for math assessments. 

High-Contrast Themes

This feature in Edulastic improves visibility for students. It benefits students who have difficulty distinguishing colours and prefer high-contrast displays. 

Screen zoom

This tool in Edulastic allows users to enlarge some parts of the screen. It makes it easier to view the content. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can teachers utilize Edulastic in the classroom improvement?

Start with warm-up question types to spark curiosity. It gets every student to think about the assessment solutions that increase student engagement. You can also use it before introducing a new idea or developing assignments using a formative assessment rubric. 

What are the different types of Edulastic tests?

There are four types of tests: Classify, Match, and Order TEIs: Sort List, Classification, Match the Following, and Resequence. 

Is Edulastic time-based?

Teachers can set a time limit for students when taking an assessment in Edulastic. To turn on the time assessment, select ‘on’ in the assignment screen. When the time reaches, students will be locked out of the assessment. 

Does Edulastic sync with Google for classroom transformation?

You can share Edulastic assessments with students in Google Classroom. This integration complements the Google Single sign-on feature in EdulasticTeachers, and students can click on the assignments in the Google stream and access the assessment instantly.

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