Do you ever have complex math equations that leave you scratching your head? The Hard Math Problems is its other name. First, we take a look at complex math equation 1:

2x + 3(1/2) = 

– (3/4)x – |5|y =

6+ -7z = 2

The complex equations that appear on standardized math tests are often daunting to students, but they do not have to be. The following 5 easy rules will help you solve the most challenging math problems and move onto more complex ones with ease.

What is a Complex Math problem?



A complex problem composed of more than one operation (not counting brackets). To simplify it, divide it into parts and try each step before resort

Hardest math problem :

A difficult mathematical task, usually with more than one operation or complex equations involved. The term is mostly used as an adjective (e.g., “hardest”), but it can also be used as a noun (e.g., “I want to study this hard problem.”). You can get the solution from experts at MyMathLab Answers

Complicated math equation: 

complex mathematics problems that require significant mental effort and understanding in order to solve them; they may not have definite solutions to complicated math equations because of their complexity and possible combinations. – The s is challenging for most people who are not experts in complex algebra problems.

Let us find out one type of complex math equation in which students usually face difficulty. 

– (x – |y|) = 15; x = y + 11/16. 


This complex equation can be written as a single statement of equality: x – |y| = 15. This complex calculation can also be translated into an algebraic expression in brackets: (-(x-|y|))=(15). 

The complex form for this problem is read from left to right, while its translation reads from right to left. You could solve it by finding all possible values of “x” that satisfy the equation within specific limits on one side or another with range constraints such as these two statements below::-(-(x-14)/16) = (15);-(x-11/16) = 15.

We can then find the value of “y” by solving this complex equation with just one variable: x – | y| = 15;

y=((x+14)/16)- 11/16; y=21/32+11/64, and we are left with an equal expression that can be solved in two different ways.

You could solve it by finding all possible values of “x” that satisfy the complex statement within specific limits on one side or another with range constraints. You can get help from the professional Math problem solver at MyOpenMath Answers.

5 rules to solve complex Math problems

5 rules to solve complex Math problems
Rule 1

The first rule to solve complex problems is simplify the equation as much as possible by dividing and multiplying numbers into groups of like terms or combining them with addition/subtraction operations in order to make things easier.

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Rule 2

Always start from the left side of your equation and work towards the right-hand side number-wise; this will help you see where all the errors are, if there are any. It is done in order to find where the equality sign should go so that all variables have been accounted for correctly; determine the correct solution by substituting.

The hardest part about this process might actually be identifying how many operations need to take place. Sometimes it’s easier if there are groups of like terms, and sometimes more complicated than just adding up a few numbers together – other times, things will necessitate hours upon hours of work before even beginning any.

Rule 3

Try plugging in different values until something works out for you.

For example, different Plugin values for x : If your question is asking what value should ‘x’ take on the graph paper, try plugging in different numbers like 0% or 100%. You might find that this makes it much clearer as to which answer would work best! 

If the number is anything but zero (i.e., negative), then put another zero in front of it to make a percentage.

*Note*: the answer you have found is the one that works best for at least two out of three values plugged in; if there’s not any value with two or more working answers, then rule #0 doesn’t work, and you should try plugging other numbers into ‘x’ until something sticks.  

Rule 4

There are excellent tools for solving algebraic equations, such as MathXL Answers, without actually having to use complex math to solve them.

You must note that the graph encapsulates all the information about the problem. We know two functions and their corresponding variables; we have both equations for these functions written out separately; we also have what are called boundary conditions on either side. All of this information can be used now to solve for x. 

The arrow points show us where we can start solving for x and y after taking into account the boundary condition – if it’s pointing up, then positive numbers will work; if it’s going down, then negative numbers will work.

Rule 5

Never give up! If complex math is still giving you trouble after trying these rules out, then try using a tutor or watching videos on the subject online until it sticks. You can Study College Math Courses online with the help of online guides.

We live in a complex world. There are many complex math problems out there that we have to solve before moving on and growing, but they’re worth the trouble because knowledge is power!

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Other tips to solve complex math problems

Other tips to solve complex math problems

■ Make a plan

  • Beware of spending unnecessary time thinking about it. The first and foremost guide is, make sure that you know what complex math problem is at hand before making any plans or calculations; otherwise, there’s nothing but frustration ahead. 
  • Then lay down a game plan: break complex math problems into smaller chunks and tackle them one by one until they’re all done. It may take more than five steps to solve complex math equations–no matter how many it takes, it keeps going forward without looking back!

■ Keep moving forward at any cost

  • If you find yourself stuck or frustrated, take a break for ten minutes and then come back to it. You’ll probably be able to see your way through more clearly than before; keep going and don’t give up!

■ Get help if needed

  • But only do it when necessary. Sometimes, complex math problems can involve input from outside sources such as friends or Google searches–only ask for assistance when you need it. Online class help is one of the best solutions you can avail.
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 Know multiplication signs 

  • Multiplying two numbers together means that those two numbers go next to each other instead of adding them together as if they were one number. Some of the students do not have knowledge about the multiplication signs. In such a case, it can be hard to solve Math problems.

    Solving complex Math problems might have been issued to students before reading the blog. However it is a vital phenomenon to know about the Importance of Math for Students.

    But, I am sure, after you are aware of the rules of solving these Mathematical equations, Also, it has become quite easy to understand the importance of Math. The experts with years of experience can easily guide you with the best answer to every complex Math problem. You can contact them in variety of methods.

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