Can Moodle detect cheating? It is one common question that most students using the platform ask. None of the teachers wishes to see the students cheating. But, online learning has made the process easier right after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. This expert blog will discuss the moodle platform with more profound knowledge. Also, we will know whether Moodle tracks cheating.

What Is Moodle?

Moodle is the name of an open-source learning management application. Several colleges and universities use Moodle to manage their online learning system. It has become quite popular as the system helps teachers and students make learning effective. It inurns boosts the student’s performance

You can get moodle quizzes, study materials, and also online tests. Some of the educational LMS systems are chargeable. But Moodle is entirely free.

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How Does Moodle Work In Online Classes?

Moodle is organized into courses, each of which has a distinct portion. Each course has its examinations, grade book, and file-sharing area. Each teacher gets a personal profile with tools for setting tests, grading, eliminating unneeded units, and engaging students.

The professor produces a list of questions for the tests and inserts them into the quiz shells. One response is accurate, while the others are incorrect if the quiz is multiple choice. He then determines the test’s beginning and end times within the online class. After the salient fact of quiz in online platform, one have the intention to know about the opposite of procrastination. Explore it now.

The teacher can access the exam and quiz answers, and Moodle track cheating using third-party applications.

Can You Cheat On Moodle Tests?

Students often ask whether moodle tracks cheating. If you, too, have the same question, the answer is yes. Moodle can detect cheating, and that too, in several ways. Plagiarism scanning is one of the ways through which moodle tracks cheating. In addition, the ‘cheat on moodle quizzes‘ may not be easy.

Also, the lockdown browser can help detect moodle exam cheating. Some students often search to know: Can Canvas detect cheating.

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Can Moodle Detect Copy And Paste?

How can Moodle detect cheating

The answer to the above question is a little bit indirect. Moodle platform alone cannot detect copy-paste. But, if you use proctoring software along with it, there is a chance that the learning platform can catch copy-paste. However, moodle has a structure that allows copying and pasting a document. Students often end up with stress. Some of you may ask ‘ why is college so stressful?’ Along with moodle cheat, you can get these details here.

What Are The Limitations Of Moodle Tracking Student Activity?

To a broader extent, moodle tracks the student’s activity. But, even then, the platform has some shortcomings. Following are some points related to it:

  • Moodle initially tracks the student’s activity. But, over time, it might work differently.
  • It will be hard for moodle to track students’ activity on different devices.
  • The tracking may not work if the ‘ restrict setting’ is not enabled correctly.

Is It Possible To See Answers Via A Moodle Quiz With A Source Code?

The answer is no. You cannot see the answer while a quiz is going on in Moodle. Even if you are using the source code, it might not be possible. You might be thinking about the reason behind it. 

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How Does Moodle Detect Cheating?

How can Moodle detect cheating

Students always wish to get good marks without doing hard work. It is why they want options for moodle cheating during online exams. But, the educational authority must check and establish an authentic online exam. The following are the ways universities and colleges can detect cheating. Also, you can click here to know about the popcorn reading.

Plagiarism Scanner

The plagiarism scanners in Moodle can detect cheating. Turnitin is a powerful software through which you can also remove grammatical errors. It will find out duplicate content from the entire range. Since it prevents copy paste, you can say the plagiarism scanner prevents cheating. Thus, it is possible to detect moodle cheat with the scanner.

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Application Of The Proctoring Tools

The proctored program will monitor your webcam footage, pc desktop, and audio as you take the moodle proctored exam. You will send the data to the proctoring provider for evaluation after recording it with the proctored moodle program.

It would help if you ran the proctoring software on your computer before taking the exam. Additionally, one should use a webcam face detection photo to confirm the identity. You can use the Additional photo ID Also, with the knowledge of proctoring software, one must know how to be successful in an online class. Get all details here.

The desk and examination room should still be visible to the webcam. The proctoring software will monitor your computer and any open programs as you take your examinations. Finally, it will use the cloud to feed the exam data to your purchasing software. Thus, an attempt to cheat moodle proctoring will fail.

Using The Lockdown Browser

How can Moodle detect cheating

Cheating under Moodle is discouraged via the lockdown browser, which is a platform. It is still applicable to verifying students’ identities. Also, it keeps an eye on the testing process using the webcam.

There is software in place that can identify potential cheating activities. There is an example of these questionable behaviors.

It includes peeping at another computer or even the phone while taking exams.

This software will provide visual ratings as the students finish the exam.

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Does Moodle Catch Cheaters In Tests And Moodle Quizzes?

Does Moodle catch cheaters in tests and Moodle quizzes

Moodle is an excellent program that will catch any examinations and quizzes that have been cheated on. It can use various platforms, including the lockdown browser, to accomplish this. The pupil won’t be able to copy, print, or view the illicit URL thanks to such software.

Additionally, it blocks access to other applications while taking an exam or quiz. Further, it discourages using the default browser when taking the examination. Thus, if you intend to hack moodle while preparing moodle questions, forget it.

Using proctored tests and quizzes is another method of catching cheaters on exams. A proctor’s job is to keep an eye on the testing environment. As a result, you will be able to assess the exam’s fairness.

Moodle Inspect Element Answers

Sometimes finding answers to a particular question online becomes hard. It is where the inspect element play a vital role. While with moodle, proctoring service can help detect cheating. Now, one can also investigate the proctored exams. The system monitors the student’s webcam. Several types of tests are conducted online through moodle. It can be multiple-choice tests. Also, the true or false tests have an impact as well with moodle inspect element.

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Can Moodle Track Tabs?

Can Moodle track tabs

Most of us tend to work and study on pc by opening several tabs. Even the students have the habit of opening several accounts while they appear for the examination. But, now the question in front of most students is whether moodle tracks tabs on computer desktops. You might have querie whether moodle track your tabs? Moodle alone cannot detect or track tabs.

However, tracking tabs will be possible if you use the proctored software along with it. Thus, when you ask, ‘does moodle track tabs?’ Here is the answer. Without the proctored software, moodle cannot detect what you are doing in other tabs. Thus, switching tabs in moodle is possible.

Can Moodle See Your Screen?

Moodle’s job during proctoring is to identify every screen activity. It will eventually figure out if you try to swap the tabs. It keeps track of every tab you open on the screen in a log.

The kind of tabs that will be active on the screen will be reported. It is all-powerful software in that regard.

What Are The Limitations Of Moodle’s Student Activity Tracking Function?

Here are the restrictions placed on the Moodle platform before we look at how to cheat on it. You can indeed use them to hack into the forum, but doing so could still be dangerous.

Students can still plagiarize content they find online using similarity-checking software like Turnitin. Many kids do engage in this activity undetected.

Can Moodle Detect Screen Sharing?

Screen sharing is not prohibited when your lecturer utilizes Moodle quiz cheating detection software that recognizes tab changes. To perform the calculations and convey the results, one may still be able to connect the screen with someone else, possibly in a distant room.

Can Moodle detect a Split screen?

Yes, the moodle platform can detect the split screen. But it will work only if the lockdown browser or proctor software is installed. Otherwise, moodle won’t detect the split screen at all.

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Will Hiring An Expert Be A Good Idea?

Hiring an Expert Be a Good Idea

Of course, hiring a specialist to pass the Moodle test will be a great idea. By hiring them, you will enjoy several advantages. Let’s look through a few of the benefits mentioned in the section below.

You’ll get subject-matter specialists who can respond to challenging questions.

Naturally, the specialists will provide accurate responses and guarantee you’ll obtain good grades.

The experts constantly respect your need for speed. Thus they make sure to deliver the answers on schedule.

Offer your services at a fair fee so everyone can access help when needed.

How To Hack Moodle?

Your professor also creates a list of solutions when creating Moodle questions, which may lead one to consider a quick way to get the answers. It entails breaking into the Moodle system to obtain a list of solutions.

Contrary to other ways to trick the Moodle system, attempting to hack it will be a hazardous and nearly impossible task. Most of the time, the hacks may be linked back to you, and you risk academic punishment and criminal prosecution. As a result, choosing this path is not worthwhile.

Is Moodle Helpful For The Students With Online Learning?

Does Moodle Benefit Students with Online learning

Of course, it benefits students who enjoy taking exams in a well-organized fashion. Generally speaking, many professors favor using this platform to administer the exam and formulate the questions by the course material. Additionally, it aids the students in avoiding combining questions from various courses. Thus, Moodle is beneficial for both teachers and students.

How Can I Get Good Moodle Test Scores?

Yes, Moodle keeps track of cheating. Thus everyone must refrain from it if they don’t want to receive a failing grade. What will the answer to the Moodle exam be? What can moodle track?

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Make Use Of Lockdown Browsers To Prevent Cheating

Make Use of Lockdown Browsers to Prevent Cheating

Students who take classes and examinations online can be discouraged from cheating by using a lockdown browser. It uses the student’s webcam to confirm their identity and keep an eye on the exam environment. Its software can detect any odd conduct that might be cheating.

During an online exam, one can include this type of conduct. It can be anything from peeking at another computer to scrolling through your smartphone. The software from the browser will show the teacher some ranking as the pupils complete their exams. It demonstrates how specific features of the student’s behavior can be odd.

The teachers duty include:

Examine the ranking

Consider the allegations of suspicious conduct and activity.

Analyze the software’s video footage

Then, they must determine whether the students committed cheating. Before beginning this process, teachers must confirm that the correct student has taken the appropriate assignment or class. To accomplish this, they must compare the student’s image from the video stream that was captured and the photo ID they requested at the start of the exam to serve as proof of identity.

This kind of software is effective in detecting cheating. As a result, this Moodle function is frequently used by organizations. It is helpful in letting a teacher know whether a student finished their exam honestly.

Can Moodle See If You Open Another Tab?

In cases where your instructor or institution has elected to include a lockdown browser and proctoring software to identify cheating on your PC, Moodle won’t be able to determine whether you open additional windows or a tab on your desktop. This is only possible if students are required to install a secure test browser on their PCs before:


class, or


The browser’s function is to keep track of each tab a student has open while taking an exam and alert the instructor if it notices any suspicious activity.

Is Moodle Capable Of Using Your Webcam?

Yes, using your webcam is necessary for Moodle to function correctly. When an e-learning system or exam is taking place, Moodle needs access to your webcam in order to perform its tasks. Moodle needs your webcam to monitor your computer’s actions and ensure everything is in order.

The browser’s function is to keep track of each tab a student has open while taking an exam and alert the instructor if it notices any suspicious activity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Moodle Have Any Vulnerability In the Security System?

Some educational systems using moodle wish to check the moodle platform several times. They want the answer of whether moodle detects cheating or not. Thus, a vulnerability check is vital. Even after accessing Moodle’s testing system, no flaws were detected.

2. Can Moodle Track Ip Addresses?

Moodles directly may not track the IP address. However, the universities, colleges, or the exam conducting body can use the report system within moodle work. It is essential for an organization dealing with online education. Only the secure testing browser may not be enough. It is possible to enable the IP address tracking service of moodle to stop students from cheating.

3. Can Students Hack Moodle Quiz?

One of the most asked questions is about moodle test cheating detection. Yes, Moodle can indeed detect cheating while dealing with online examinations. It is the platform where you can get an interactive online learning environment. But, those students who think that moodle cannot detect students cheating are wrong. The moodle quiz cheating is not possible.

4. What Is An E-Proctoring Moodle?

It is a plugin that is used by examiners conducting online examinations. It detects the possible cheating behavior of the students. Without using the proctoring software Moodle records illegal activities. The e-proctoring moodle helps automatic supervision during the exam environment.

5. Does Moodle Track Cheating?

Yes, moodle exams can detect cheating. Students often choose several ways to hack during tests conducted through online courses. The teachers have moodle access, through which they can use the plagiarism scanning software. As a result, they can easily detect plagiarism. Being a student, if you are still thinking about cheating moodle, drop the idea of it. Online students must focus on course materials rather than on cheating. Also, with the help of instant grades moodle hack technique, you can see hidden grades.

6. What Is Kiit Moodle?

It is one of the websites where you can log in and access several courses. Whether looking for courses/questions in Spring 2022 or Autumn 2021, KIIT moodle or moodle KIIT is one of the best websites.

7. How does Moodle proctoring work?

Moodle proctoring is a plugin that helps students or individuals to access quizzes. It captures users’ pictures with the help of a webcam. It can find out the user accessing the moodle quiz. The plugin captures the view of the user every 30 seconds. After that, it stores the images in png format.

8. How do I hide an exam in Moodle?

Following are the steps you must follow to hide your exam in moodle:

  • You must first visit your course page. Now, enable the editing option (It is the green pencil icon)
  • Click the edit section to hide any item under the activity, resource, etc. sections. Then you will find the hide option, which you must click. 
  • Now, after hiding, you also might find the option of ‘un-hide. Here you must click the Edit option and then Show.

9. How do I stop cheating on Moodle?

The primary way of preventing cheating on moodle is using the question bank. But by doing this, you allow moodling to randomize the question order. Thus, students will receive questions in a different order. Therefore, it helps stop cheating.

The second way to stop cheating is to set up the quiz review option smartly. 

10. Can you cheat during Moodle proctoring?

No, proctoring is a restriction the system puts on the user to prevent cheating. Moodle Proctoring tool has much use for the MCQ (Quiz) assessments. It will have accurate data about who is attempting the quiz. In addition, it captures your picture via webcam.

11. How To Hack Moodle?

There is no proven way to hack the moodle platform. But, there is a cheaters’ forum online where you may get some tips to cheat during online exams.

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