Are you looking for a good conclusion paragraph starters? It carries the entire academic piece into the reader’s mind. If successful, the reader recollects the thought frequently. Our list of conclusion starter ideas will make your concept clear.

How to Start a Conclusion?

While writing an entire essay, knowing how to start writing a conclusion is vital. The following tips can help:

    Create an Outline.

    Use the framework to create an outstanding essay writing conclusion

    Write a dramatic phrase-opener toward the conclusion.

    Create a good conclusion starter summary with significant points.

    Write a concluding phrase.

    Get the identifiers for the concluding paragraph opener.

Characteristics of a Good Conclusion Starter

Characteristics of a good conclusion starters

Conclusion paragraph sentence starters are bridging phrases that indicate that they have arrived at the conclusion section. Here are some characteristics of good conclusion starters:

Use a few key phrases that preface the first line of the conclusion paragraph or a short conclusion

Indicate to readers that they have arrived at the start of the final segment.

Acquaint readers with the fact that what they are about to read will not include new information.

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The Importance of an Effective Conclusion Sentence

Students who write good conclusion sentence starters enjoy numerous rewards, including the following:

 Best conclusion starters provide a concise summary of an essay.

It reminds readers of the force with which your arguments are made.

 The conclusion sentences highlight the most critical evidence in support of your earlier claims.

Top-notch essay conclusions invite readers to post remarks.

 An excellent concluding sentence increases subscriptions for blogs.

The reader will quickly forget the concluding sentence starters: it’s fine. Worse, some people may have second thoughts about why they opted to read your essay in the first place, owing to the conclusion.

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How to Write Powerful Conclusion Statements?

Tips for writing a top-notch final paragraph

Make sure you abide by the following guidelines while creating an outstanding essay conclusion:

 Begin with an engaging word. When you begin your concluding line with a closing conclusion sentence starter, you provide a sense of closure for your viewers.

Concisely summarize the significant points.

 Avoid focusing on tiny details. Instead, specify or summarize more substantial evidence.

 End with a concluding sentence. This portion comprises open-ended questions, concluding remarks, quotations, or a call to action.

Our example of conclusion paragraph provides you with a vivid idea of the exact structure of the paragraphs.

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Examples of the Best Conclusions

Examples of the Best Conclusions

The following are some excellent conclusion starters:

Above all,

As stated above,


As a result,

You can utilize these when writing your final thoughts. Additionally, you can use these conclusion starters to create the best conclusion starter words. Also, find our geometry Edgenuity answers and expert help. These can be for high-school papers or college essays that inevitably must use college conclusion starters. 

Conclusion Starters for Essays and Speech 

Are you in college, high school, or middle school? You will certainly be assigned to write numerous essays and deliver numerous speeches or presentations. When selecting how to conclude an essay or a speech, a conclusion starter that fits the overall tone is critical. It will help if you highlight sentence starters for a conclusion paragraph. Also, explore the importance of Career Development!

The following are some examples of good conclusion paragraph starters; words and phrases:

Considering everything


In light of these points

I believe we are forced to conclude.


As the year draws to a close


To sum up

Given this data

Based on my observations

In general

In my opinion

In the final analysis

Now that you know

The logical conclusion appears to be

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Sample Conclusion Starters for a Research Paper

The main focus of a research paper is the findings. Thus, the conclusion will focus on implications. Following is a list of conclusion starters for research papers:

As expected, the end result indicates

The minor aspects

Based on the data presented

The evidence seems to indicate

Based on the study result, it seems

In the current context, it seems like

Surprisingly, the data disclosedl

The data reveal

The final call of the study demonstrates

Upon analyzing data,

While further research is warranted

 With such a result, it seems

 As a result,

 Indicated by evidence

 Based on the study result

 In the light of

 The final analysis

 Facts indicate

 Significant findings from the study

 Extrapolating from data

 Upon reviewing the findings

 As per additional research

Popular Conclusion Starters for College

 As per the final point

 For the most part

 Such reasons

 In effect

In the end

The summative conclusion

So, I came to the conclusion

In my opinion

To wrap it up

 The study concluded

Toward the end

I recommend

 Now you know

Looking back

 Last but not least

 You must consider

 Without a doubt

 I do agree

 To review

 In the final analysis, suddenly

 All facts considered

 The broad conclusion

 After all being said

 The info-based conclusion

 From now

 In the future

 I think I showed

 I hope you

Examples of conclusion starters for high school


 All in all

 As I explained

It seems clear

No doubt

It is obvious

Based on facts

My reflection on

The facts supports

My final question

Do you realize

On the whole

I will briefly review

My last point

It strikes me

My final thoughts

As evidence

To finish off

Top examples of bonus concluding statements

I would be glad to say finally

It’s worth re-examining

The final bow

 After discussing



 I look forward to

 The data indicate

 The research proves

That was my conclusion

 Also, the summative end

 My conclusion

 One final idea

 The nexus between

 As the paper states



 It is my sincere belief

 Through this research

 My verdict

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How to Compose an Effective Final Paragraph?

How to compose an effective ending paragraph

We have seen the value of a strong ending paragraph thus far. Now, let us learn how to create effective ending paragraph starters.

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You must consider the following key points for the best conclusion paragraphs:

An excellent conclusion starter

A synopsis of the significant points in the body of your essay

A concluding phrase

How to Compose a Concluding Paragraph?

Follow these guidelines while creating an outstanding essay conclusion:

■ Begin with an engaging word-

When you begin your concluding paragraph with a conclusion section starter, you provide a sense of closure for your viewers.

■ Concisely summarize the significant points-

In the concluding paragraph, you will summarize all the major points. Introduce no new material beyond what has already been presented in your essay.

■ Avoid focusing on tiny details-

Don’t put effort into tiny details. Instead, look for more substantial evidence, say by real-life examples; the evidence presented is vital. Watch for your concluding sentences’ paragraph structure.

■ End with a concluding sentence-

This portion is typically composed of open-ended questions, concluding remarks, quotations, or a call to action.

■ Be as unique as possible-

Get different ending sentence starters. You can incorporate words, ideas, and conclusion starter examples that will set your essay apart from the competition.

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Examples of Less-formal Conclusions

Examples of Less Formal Conclusions

Certain types of writing are far less formal than a research paper. It can be a school assignment, say. In such instances, you may choose an informal conclusion starter with a more relaxed, conversational style. Look at these samples:

As I see things

In a nutshell

In simple terms

After all

Use of Conclusion Starters

There are a few effective starters for conclusions in documents, paper presentations, and speeches. Regardless of the subject, a good and memorable conclusion starter helps readers/audiences manifold. Most importantly, they can better remember your work or speech.

As stated earlier in this blog post, you can use our introductions in your argumentative or narrative paragraph. Likewise, you can get the conclusion starters for argumentative essays.

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In a nutshell, your conclusion is indeed a chance for you to pack your speech neatly. You may compose it for your viewers. The ending paragraph of your paper is critical. Thus, write it very well. It must be sufficient to leave a mark on the minds of your readers or audience. Also, it would help if you employed a suitable conclusion starting sentence to begin your ending paragraph phrase. Finally, starters for a conclusion paragraph provides closure for your viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do you start a conclusion paragraph?

There are several ways to start a conclusion. It helps if you start a conclusion paragraph with a topic sentence. Also, you can restate the thesis statement that you have mentioned in the opening paragraph. Here are a few words to begin good conclusion starters.


In conclusion




2. What is a good conclusion paragraph example?

The conclusion paragraph examples help the reader to understand the concept. For example, ”Celebrities like Julia Roberts, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, and Brad Pitt contribute to our society.” It will help if you leave your final thought on, say, leaders, with a broad conclusion.

3. How to write a conclusion paragraph?

Include a brief overview of the paper’s main ideas, but avoid just restating what was there. Instead, show the reader how your points, the evidence you provided, and the examples you utilized all work together: bring everything together.

4. What is a good sentence for a conclusion?

A good sentence for a conclusion must restate or rephrase the content summary. Also, good conclusion starters for college essays focus on critical points. The audience gets the final impression of an academic piece.

5. How do you start a conclusion for a college essay?

A college essay should be short and powerful. Also, it must have the potential to reveal your character. The argumentative essay conclusion starters have a broader impact on the readers. 

One important part to note in concluding paragraph starters for college essays is not to summarize. Instead, you ask the reader to feel and think through a concluding sentence.

6. What can I say instead of “In conclusion”?

The term “In conclusion” is quite common. Most writers use it while writing a conclusion. But, to create a variation, you can replace the words. You can replace the first phrase of concluding sentence starters with the following:

To sum up

In summary

In closing

To summarize



7. How to end a conclusion?

As you write a conclusion, there is a start and an end. You can use a particular phrase to end your conclusion. To write a good closing sentence, here are our tips:

Use a positive note to end the conclusion

You can rephrase the thesis statement.

Summarize the main points.

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