Are you confused about how to structure a PEEL paragraph for your essay homework?

Is the PEEL paragraph format new to you?

Do you want to know the PEEL writing strategy?

Basically, the PEEL structure helps effectively organize your thoughts before you write an academic essay. Most of the time, students gather lots of ideas and facts. But they can’t apply them perfectly to their college essay topic.

Some of you may wonder about the following:

  • How to start the first sentence?
  • What basic paragraph structure should you follow?
  •  How to construct body paragraphs?

The PEEL essay writing method is an effort to help students who struggle to write academic essays. It is the standard structure for essay writing that helps each paragraph focus on a particular argument.

Students facing trouble in writing must welcome the idea of PEEL paragraphs. You may do my online class for comprehensive knowledge, and you will never struggle with PEEL writing structure.

What Is a PEEL Paragraph?

PEEL structure is a mnemonic that is used in academic essay writing. The acronym PEEL stands for Point, Example, Explain, and Link.

PEEL is the standard method to guide students in expressing a clearly persuasive argument in every paragraph of an essay. It also helps readers understand  each paragraph’s particular idea and engages them to read the whole document.

It helps link each paragraph to the topic or the specific thesis statement. Know more on how to get a Cengage Answer Key.

What Does the PEEL Paragraph Stand For?

P = Point:

Begin each paragraph with your main idea. State it clearly. It will help readers understand what they will acquire from this paragraph. And engage them to move to the following paragraphs seamlessly.

E = Evidence/Example:

In this section, provide the evidence through data and statistics you have to support your main points and advance your case. Evidence or examples will help readers understand your arguments and drive them to trust your logic.  

E = Explain:

Explain the significance of the evidence or examples you provided in the earlier section. It is the longest part of a paragraph. It guarantees that your reader knows the significance of your point, evidence/example, and how it supports your claim.

L = Link:

 Conclude each paragraph with a link to the premise, topic, or thesis statement. It will help readers to proceed to the following paragraphs with consistency. You may put a relevant statement or query in the link section.  

We hope these facts give a clear idea of what PEEL stands for.

If you need to copy content for a new paragraph, you should know the practical tips to avoid plagiarism. It will help you construct unique paragraphs using the PEEL structure.

How To Write PEEL Paragraphs?

How to write a Peel paragraphs

You must follow a proper method to write a PEEL paragraph. I am going to explain step by step the PEEL structure.

Step 1- Pick Your Point

Each of your paragraphs should begin with a statement. It should introduce your primary argument in the opening part of the PEEL paragraph.

The initial sentence will help readers understand the main subject of the whole paragraph. Your initial statement should be persuasive and encourage readers to read the entire document.

Refer to the PEEL example, “Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood,” for your queries regarding essay writing. “There was a division of identity throughout her infancy. Even this was confirmed in post-revolution Iran.” You can pick any paragraph from this story regarding an Iranian girl Marji’s relationship with God.

In this story, the phrase “through her use of graphic novel form and features” explicitly responds to the “how” component of the question. Using terms like “post-revolution Iran” and “conflicted identity” also directly addresses the essay’s thesis statement.

 Students often have conflicting thoughts about how they can construct the first sentence. And they often end up with speech anxiety. So, take expert help today. Look at our comprehensive guide on how to write a memorable retirement speech.

Step 2 – Place Your Example

An example uses data and statistics in your essay, premise, or thesis to bolster your claims. The PEEL paragraph examples could be a report, an observation, a scene from a movie, or anything else that fits your PEEL writing.

To locate good examples, explore using different ways. Finding distinctive and uncommon quotes in academic writing will help you stand out from other pupils.

It gives your premise far more depth and force if you support it with examples that none have used or have rarely used. The evidence can be in any form, including events, statistics, facts, analyses, and data from credible journals, sites, or magazines.

Make sure to contextualize the examples before using them in your body paragraphs. Check how these Edulastic Answers will help you get improved academic grades.

Step 3- Provide an Explanation to Support Your Evidence

Evidence supports

You must now explain how an example supports the point you are making. Also, it is the longest part of the PEEL writing strategy.

Your analysis shines in this portion! You’ll elaborate on your main ideas, present new strategies, and discuss the text’s and your examples’ more profound implications.

It can be simple to lapse into rehashing the story when trying to explain, but it’s crucial to avoid doing so! You may prevent this by consistently returning to the point of your talk. It supports your point while you are writing essays.

Returning to our “Persepolis” PEEL example, the following sentence is how your explanation might be if you were merely retelling or recounting:

Even in post-revolution Iran, division of one’s identity was extant. 

Most of what is mentioned in the earlier quote is repetition. While explaining your example or evidence,  you may get a few technical terms. You can develop your writing skills with the PEEL paragraph table. In the meantime, explore 8 amazing study-to-success tips for top grades.

Step 4- Complete It With a Link

Complete it with a Link

The last step is to wrap everything up! Your link should restate the main points of your body paragraphs and tie everything together logically and coherently.

The link to the next paragraph shouldn’t merely restate your point! It should also make a direct reference to your topic. This reference should drive home the key premise of your essay, report, or thesis.

It helps readers spontaneously move to the next paragraph with a meaningful link. The link section operates as a bridge between two consecutive paragraphs in an essay.  

As mentioned, you must follow the “Persepolis” example to identify all four sections of the PEEL writing style.

The four steps for composing PEEL paragraphs have been discussed; now, it’s time to put them together!

Want to get some ideas on Linguistic Research? Get a complete guide right here.

How Do You Structure Paragraphs Using the Peel Method?

How to structure paragraphs using peel method

If you follow how to write paragraphs using the PEEL method explained just above, your academic essays offer the best result. If the opening sentence is not attractive, people may lose interest. Thus, state the central point with a hook, with PEEL paragraph sentence starters.

You can speak to our professional writers to get IXL Answers. Or, you may contact our professional academic writing services for thorough assistance.

For example, in the introductory paragraph, you must pick the topic and proceed. In the second step, you must proceed with an example .

Next,  provide crucial proof to substantiate your example. You can also use journals, reports, statistics, worksheets, teaching resources, and posters. The evidence supports your PEEL writing method. Refer to the PEEL anchor chart for a profound idea.

Finally, the vital linking statement directly links to the key premise of your topic while leading readers to the next paragraph. . You can also refer to the Edgenuity Answers for more knowledge on the PEEL writing style.

PEEL Paragraph Worksheets and Posters

You can now get several PEEL paragraph worksheets online. This will help you precisely understand the key points on how PEEL paragraphs are effective when writing essays and theses.

With the help of such posters and worksheet sets, help your pupils learn how to structure an opinion essay.

As an alternative, try the TEEL Paragraph Structure.

To persuade a reader of your argument, you must develop and support an idea while writing a TEEL or PEEL paragraph.

It doesn’t matter whether the acronym is PEEL, TEEL, or something else. The systematic manner in which you offer your knowledge is crucial:

Introducing a thought

Supplying corroborating evidence

Describing the evidence and why it serves to support your claim

Finally, connect each particular idea, concept, or premise of each paragraph  to the rest of your essay. Each such connection should directly link to the key topic of your essay.  

Along with the knowledge of PEEL paragraphs, students often ask, ”why is college so stressful?” The answer will be: If you concentrate and discipline yourself properly, you will find your academic syllabus reasonably easy. In the meantime, explore every aspect of the choral reading.

Some Essential Pointers to Remember When You Write Your Essay and Incorporate PEEL Paragraphs

Always remember that you must maintain a formal tone when writing your essay. Contrary to earlier narrations, this tone should be official because you are composing an essay, not fiction. Always use the third person tense when writing your paper in a formal tone. For instance, you could start your sentence with “This can be seen when” to clarify your point of view.

Apostrophes should be used in place of contractions wherever possible. For instance, instead of saying “that is,” try writing “that’s.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How to write a link in a PEEL paragraph?

Links should have distinguishable features. They should differ from the rest of the page’s content. It makes it simple to quickly scan a page for the link that will lead you to the data you need. When the link wording makes sense, this tactic performs well.

How many sentences are there in a PEEL paragraph?

Remember that although the PEEL design has four essential parts, you do not have to use only four phrases! Splitting your point into two sentences could help it flow better if it becomes too wordy and lengthy. A PEEL paragraph may contain between four and ten sentences.

How to structure a PEEL paragraph?

Following is the compact PEEL format paragraph that you must follow.

  1. POINT – Declare your point at the beginning of each paragraph.
  2. EXAMPLE or EVIDENCE – For each point, give corroborative examples to support your claims.
  3. EXPLANATION – Provide more specifics on how and why the evidence you’ve used supports your claim.
  4. LINK – Make a seamless transition to a subsequent paragraph without destroying the link to the essay topic.

How to start a PEEL paragraph?

You must decide on good PEEL paragraph sentence starters before you start writing. You must introduce your topic in the PEEL paragraph starter. It must have a new idea. Otherwise, people will lose interest.

What makes a perfect peel paragraph?

To write Peel paragraphs, you have to begin your paragraph by stating your point clearly. Then you have to explain with examples to support your main point properly. In the end, you can link your next paragraph or point. 

What is an example sentence for a peel paragraph?

Example or evidence in peel paragraph details how and why your evidence supports your explanation. And finally, it explains the main point of your paragraph. 

Are Teel and Peel the same?

Yes, Teel and Peel are the same kinds of paragraphs. Some schools use PEEL, where P stands for Point. And some use TEEL, where T stands for Topic. 

How long should a peel paragraph be?

Ideally, any paragraph should not exceed more than 300 words. Otherwise, it will lose its essence as a paragraph.

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