Linguistics research deals with the study of languages. The primary focus of the Linguistics Department is the grammatical rules and theory of language. The general category includes syntax, phonology, and semantics. 

You can find separate faculty members working on research topics in linguistics. Also, they are experts in phonetics. You can get subjects like computational linguistics, sociolinguistics, and second language acquisition theory. Students can now find several groups of interest. One of them is the history of linguistics. Folks can get helpful info about typology and mathematical linguistics.

Languages like Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Greek, and Jamaican Creole are included in linguistic study. 

Some rare linguistics studies are Arabic, Siswati, Sandawe, Cherokee, Swahili, and Slavic. The oxford research encyclopedia of linguistics plays a vital role in the study of languages.

Some professors studied languages like the Austronesian of Taiwan, Athabaskan languages, and Sahaptin. Linguistics research articles have enough info based on the specific native language interests. Also, those can be of individual faculty members.

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Linguistics Research Fields

You may find several research fields in linguistics or language studies. Following are some of the required fields that the students must study.

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Computational Linguistics

In this field of linguistic theory research, they use computer science. Also, it has utility in the process of language comprehension. Stanford Computational linguistics comes with the cutting edge of modern language study. In recent days, computational linguistics has been combined with two features. One is computer science, and the other one is artificial intelligence. Some of the computational linguistics research topics include:

  1. Editorial: Computational Linguistics and Literature
  2. A Metrical Data Analysis of Medieval German Poetry Using Supervised Learning
  3. Rhetorical Figure Detection: Chiasmus, Epanaphora, Epiphora


Phonetics is a discipline of linguistics that deals with the generation and classification of speech sounds worldwide. Speech production examines the interplay of various vocal organs. It includes the lips, tongue, and teeth. Also, the process has the use in the generation of specific sounds.

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By speech classification, we mean the categorization of speech sounds according to what is known as the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). 

The International Phonetic Alphabet abbreviated as (IPA) is a system that employs a single symbol describing each sound in a language change; it may be found in dictionaries and textbooks worldwide. If you are aware of international phonetics but have no idea about IXL answers, experts are here to help.

For instance, the noun ‘fish’ consists of four letters, but the IPA represents it as three sounds:’If,’ ‘ I’, where it represents the sh’ sound.


Phonology is the study of sound patterns. It is developed within and between languages. Formally speaking, phonology studies languages have different categories. It deals with the organization of speech sounds. It is how speech sounds are organized in mind and employed to communicate meaning. In this portion of the website, we will describe the most prevalent phonological rules and introduce the ideas of underlying representations for sounds against the actual surface form. Qualitative research in applied linguistics also plays a vital role in a study. They build a solid foundation in understanding the language learning process. Along with the facts about linguistic research and grammatical systems, you must know how to be successful in an online class. Check it out here.

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Top Linguistic Research Topics

Top linguistic research topics

Research is being conducted in several universities on linguistics. You can also find several research proposal topics in linguistics. Some of the top-used English linguistics research topics are as follows

■ Early speculations dealing with the origin of various languages

■ The Greek philosophers’ contribution to language

■ The long history of language in mythology

■ Why is the origin of language a problem that needs an answer?

■ The ancient connection between English and French words

■ Why do people speak different languages?

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When Was The Linguistics Research Laboratory Established?

The Linguistics Research Laboratory was formed in 1970. Also, it was an independent unit of the College. Dr. William C. Stokoe Jr. conducted linguistic research at Gallaudet University from 1957 to 1971. Then he became the laboratory’s first director on July 1, 1971.

How To Write A Research Statement With The Linguistics Example?

It is easy to write a research statement for linguistics research paper topics along with the example; follow the below steps, and you are done. Research statement for research topic in linguistics:

■ You must not write jargon. Use language that is accessible to a broad audience outside of your field.

■ Ensure that your writing is concise, clear, and concrete.

■ Ensure that the employment interview is as specific as possible.

■  You can request proofreading from others.

Guidelines on how to write research interest examples with linguistic theme

■ Your introduction summarizes your application’s contents and helps the reader understand it.

■ Folks can find a brief explanation of the topic in the main paragraph.

■ We are looking forward to the future of prospective research.

■ Your Statement Should Be Customize

■ Make sure to highlight why you are a good match for the lab.

■ Make sure you focus on format.

■ It will take time.


What Are The Research Methods In Applied Linguistics?


It is a unique journal that is wholly based on a different study. It deals with:

■ Experimental research,

■ Quasi or pre-experimental research

■ Case study

■ Ethnography

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What Are The Methods Of Research In Linguistics?

What are the methods of research in linguistics?

There are several stages in linguistic research methods. Those can vary from one university to another. Also, the research team has the right to decide the procedure they want to follow on specific methods of research in linguistics. It includes case studies, surveys, interviews, etc.

How To Take Linguistic Research As A Field Of Study

You can choose from the whole spectrum of academic degrees in linguistics, just like most other subjects. After earning a degree in languages, you will possess critical intellectual abilities, including much-touted analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and argumentation. 

These professional attributes provide you with various opportunities. Though they may initially come to mind as professors and teachers, linguists really engage in a far more comprehensive range of professional activities. To put it more succinctly, interesting topics in linguistics studies include:

  • Language structure
  • Linguistic knowledge and comprehension that people possess subconsciously.
  • Languages’ effects on the forms and tone of international journal of communication.
  • Major variations across languages.
  • Process of learning a new language for both adults and children.

The Linguistics Field’s Three Primary Comparisons

Theory Versus Practise

In order to enhance the language teaching process, applied linguistics looks for ways to translate theoretical discoveries into practise. The goal of theoretical linguistics is to provide a conceptual model of language structure.

Microlinguistics Versus Macrolinguistics

The focus of microlinguistics is on the many components of language discourse analysis, such as the psychological processes involved in speech production, language acquisition styles, etc. The breadth and depth of the linguistic examination distinguishes these words. In addition to these more general subfields, macrolinguistics also include psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, anthropological linguistics, etc.

Diachronic Versus Synchronic

Diachronic linguistics focuses more on the changes and historical linguistics development of language. In synchronic linguistics, the current state of the language is investigated.

In Linguistics, What Kind Of Research Requires A P-Value?

The p-value quantifies a probability. It says that any observed distinction is due to random variation. Only if there is quantitative linguistic data can be calculated. Consequently, p-values are only calculated as part of testing hypotheses in quantitative research. The linguistics research assistant can help you get more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Is Research Done In Linguistics?

In a linguistic research process, there are several subjects or participants. They are usually present for experimental purposes. Now, several observation phases are performed in the research methods.

 Also, they go through an interview process. Also, the researchers ask the participants to write about their experiences. After that, the researcher will interpret if the natural language is other than English. Finally, the researcher will offer the presentation.

2. What Should A Linguist Do In Preparing Research In Linguistics?

It is one of the most statistically significant question that linguists get. First of all, making a structure is very important. Planning and elaborating on it will be a crucial point. The linguist can then write a research paper. An outline is an essential factor without which there will be a negative impact on the entire academic work.

3. What Is The Linguistic Research?

The study of linguistics examines the nature of effective communication. It deals with both the study of specific languages and the look for universal principles shared by all languages. Due to the importance of human language existence, linguistics has numerous intellectual linkages and overlaps with other humanities fields including human brain.

4. What Is The Purpose Of Linguistic Research?

They research different elements of language documentation structure, such as how to convey meaning or sounds. They also research how various linguistic patterns might be conceptually explained as well as the interactions between the various linguistic analysis.

5. Who Is The Founder Of Linguistics?

Ferdinand de Saussure was one of the two foremost pioneers in 20th-century linguistics and is frequently regarded as one of its founders. Modern linguistics is also ascribed to Noam Chomsky. Language acquisition is far more sophisticated than that, according to Chomsky. Chomsky created a framework for scientifically studying language and proposed that language acquisition went far further than that.

6. How Old Is Linguistics?

Around the start of the 19th century, linguistics began to develop into the discipline it is today. The main areas of study for linguists nowadays are theoretical or applied linguistics. About 6000 years ago, the oldest language-related objects were discovered.

7. Who Is A Famous Linguistic Person?

Chomsky, who is also an important figure in academic philosophy and one of the founders of cognitive neuroscience, is sometimes referred to as the father of contemporary linguistics. Linguists look at language from various perspectives, including word development, universal grammar, linguistic sound, and terminology. People who pursue linguistics, or language study, are called linguists.

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