School and college students are often asked to write essays, research papers, and other academic documents. All this work needs to be submitted in due time. The pressure of getting good grades, fear of failing, poor time management, and disinterest in work motivate students to plagiarize work. Here, we will present the best tips to avoid plagiarism!     

Many students don’t understand plagiarized content and submit unintentionally plagiarized work. Professors and tutors just hate the plagiarized or copied content, and they plainly reject the academic work. So before moving ahead, it is imperative to understand what exactly plagiarism is?

What is plagiarism?

Many students think it’s okay to copy someone’s work or borrow someone’s original idea. However, “copy” and “borrow” can never disguise the act of plagiarism. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary has clearly explained the meaning of plagiarism:

  • Stealing and passing ideas or content of someone else’s ideas and presenting them as one’s own is plagiarism.
  • Using others’ work or content without crediting the original source is plagiarism.
  • Committing literary theft from different sources is plagiarism.
  • Presenting an idea as new and original, which was already existing, is plagiarism.

In simple words, plagiarism is a crime of stealing someone else’s words or work and claiming it as one’s own ideas or work. You must be thinking, can words and ideas be stolen? The U.S law suggests, “Yes, it can be stolen.”

You should avoid plagiarism while writing a peel paragraph.

The expression of original ideas or original text is known as intellectual property. U.S. copyright laws protect intellectual property. All forms of expressions that can be recorded in the form of books, essays, papers, videos, audios, or computer documents come under the copyrights act. It’s time to get the best help with online class!

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Why Is It Important to Avoid Plagiarism?

Why Is It Important to Avoid Plagiarism

Now you understand the definition and different types of plagiarism and tips to avoid it. Submitting copied or someone else’s work is simply a breach of academic integrity. Students must follow the principle of intellectual honesty and academic integrity. Understanding the difference between original and copied work will provide the perfect academic growth.

Creating your assignments, research papers, and academic content in your words will boost your confidence. Besides that, it improves your creative and imaginative skills. Which is essential for the students to develop at early stages.  

Students should learn to acknowledge and respect the value of original ideas, words, document, and data. If it is required to form the basis for your own work, credit them appropriately. Never expect to cheat and plagiarize for long. You will surely be caught one day, and repercussions will be troublesome.

Professors and readers respect the original papers and assignments! So, let’s move to the tips for students for avoiding plagiarism. Also do not forget to check the next important blog on math homework helper. 


What Are the 7 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism?

What Are the 7 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Now you understand the importance of avoiding plagiarism. Let’s move on to the tips on how to avoid plagiarism to impress your professors.

1. Start Early

The best way to write your paper is to give yourself enough time to avoid plagiarizing. When you try to complete things in a hurry, you may miss important things. Giving sufficient time to your research will help you compose a quality paper. Keep track of where your writing is going to create engaging and quality content. You can even refer to the “Ucla Library,” to get some initial ideas. 

2. Cite Correctly

You need to cite the courses in research papers and academic essays. But the important thing is you need to cite them correctly. Make sure the citation styles of your paper and apply it accordingly. Have proper citation, improper citing can lead to plagiarism. Explore the 15+ Best Places To Study And Do Homework Near You.

3. Proofread

It is always the best idea to proofread your work. It will improve the quality of your paper and help you avoid unintentional plagiarism. Ensure that you have cite your sources correctly, and look for the other grammatical mistakes. You can even use quotes to give credit to someone for their work directly.

4. Paraphrase

Paraphrasing uses the other’s content, but writing it in your own words. In simple words, you write it as you understand the topic and present it in your own words. It does not mean you just replace a few words; you need to follow the proper paraphrasing techniques.

5. Avoiding Plagiarism by Adding Value

Don’t use all the information you find in other sources. Try to use your knowledge and experience to add value to your essays and research papers. It shows that you understand the specific topic and helps you score better. You can do this by performing extensive research to get the required points. Besides that, avoid self plagiarism or writing content of your previous paper. 

6. Include Reference Page

Usually, research papers and academic essays need reference pages at the end. Adding a reference page helps you to avoid plagiarism in your content. You need to keep a record of the reference list at the time of writing. This way you won’t miss something important.

7. Plagiarism Checker

You can find many online tools and software to check plagiarism. You can use them in case of doubt, most of them are free. You can even buy any good plagiarism checker tool. These checkers will help you avoid unintentional plagiarism in your content. However, writing a perfect conclusion in an essay is very important in academics. You can now follow the expert blog on ‘conclusion paragraph starters.’

How Many Percentages of Plagiarism are Acceptable?

How Many Percentages of Plagiarism are Acceptable

There is no common consensus on this issue. Various schools and universities have different guidelines for the percentages of allowed plagiarism. Some universities allow not more than 15% of plagiarism. However, few universities prohibit any kind of plagiarism. If we go by the convention, the text-similarity below 15% is acceptable for academic journals. Similarly, more than 25% is considered as high plagiarism.

Even in the case of 15% word similarity, if the matching text is continuous words of similarity, it will come under plagiarism. Text similarity for the common terms, methodologies, and personalities names is not a concern of ethical integrity. Even 1% of plagiarism is not acceptable in the real professional world. Read here the Top 11 Ways To Improve Academic Writing!  

How Can I Reduce My Plagiarism Online?

Search engines never like plagiarism as they compare the online sources for plagiarism search. If they find any kind of plagiarized content, your content will be flagged, and your website will be downgraded in terms of search engine rankings. The online world also offers various online plagiarism checkers tools to detect plagiarism.

You can either manually remove the copied work or use online tools to check for plagiarism. You can find many powerful tools available online to remove plagiarism. Some of them have advanced paraphrasing tools to provide you with 100% original content. However, it is always better to change the plagiarized content yourself. Paraphrasing tools usually change the meaning of your texts.

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Text Written in Quotation Marks is Considered Plagiarism?

Text Written in Quotation Marks is Considered Plagiarism

The main function of quotation marks in essays, research notes, and academic content is to demonstrate the exact spoken and written language author’s words. In fiction and poetry, quotation marks are used to designate speech acts.

To avoid plagiarism, you can use quotation marks in your content quoting the author verbatim. Don’t forget to use the words or phrases like, “as stated by them,” “mentioned that,” “in their words,” etc., to mention that you’re using the exact words of the authors. Also, cite the source while using the indirect quote or direct quotation to avoid further plagiarism. Explore the Best Ways To Take Notes In College!

How to Paraphrase to Avoid Plagiarism and Write in My Own Words?

Paraphrasing is the writing technique where you express the meaning of another content in your own words. Paraphrasing is usually done to achieve superb quality and is one of the finest ways to avoid plagiarism. Below we are providing  some tips on how to paraphrase:

  • Read the content several times till the point you understand it properly.
  • Make a summary of the key points which are required in your own work.
  • Now write your version of the text without looking at the original content.
  • Compare your text with the original content. If you find any similarities in some phrases or words, update them.
  • Cite sources correctly from where you have got the idea. Providing citations is always a good practice.  

How Can I Remove 100% Plagiarism?

How Can I Remove 100% Plagiarism

No one can remove the 100% plagiarism. Instead, your professors will reject your content plainly. The only way to not have 100% plagiarism is to write all your essays, research papers, and academic content in your own language. It may happen that you must have common knowledge or, by mistake, use common sentences.

Always proofread your content for cited sources and use plagiarism checker tools so that you won’t have any kind of plagiarism in your work. Writing in your own words improves your knowledge of the specific subject or topic, enhances imagination skills, and offers another perspective to your personality.  

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Last Few Words

The Internet is loaded every day with lakhs of words. It may happen that you have committed some unintentional plagiarism. Always proofread the work before submitting it. However, there is no common consensus in universities that support in defining plagiarism. After thorough research, the best way is to write all your content in your words.

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