For a student studying in middle school, high school, or college, academic writing plays an integral part in molding your future. Be it your essay writing or a report or something as complex as a dissertation and research paper; academic writing should be your forte. To succeed in the competitive world where every household and school wants a bright student, you must develop the skill of academic writing. You must possess the skill to communicate your ideas and thesis statement with clarity and in a professional manner.

Academic writing is a skill that is a guiding element not only for good scores in school but grabbing a seat in one of the top colleges. Every university requires the applicants to submit an application or a paper which determines the selection committee’s decision to allow you to be their student. But, if you are hesitant with words and do not know how to improve academic writing style, we are here to help you. Here are 11 ways and writing tips that can help you become a master in academic work.

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Why is it Important to Learn Academic Writing?

Why is it Important to Learn Academic Writing?

Before learning how to improve academic writing, we should discuss why it is essential to learn or improve your academic writing skill.

Writing academic papers is an inevitable part of a student’s life, and you should never underestimate the power of academic papers. There are all types of academic papers such as essays, reports, academic articles, dissertations, etc. Above that, there are different ways to write these academic writings. You may think that writing is not that hard. Anybody can write, but only a few know what academic writing takes.

It is essential to improve academic writing because it is a tool for communicating or disseminating the acquired knowledge. It improves the rational thinking of the students as they are capable of considering all the aspects of a topic. Besides, once you have excelled in academic writing in school, nothing can stop you from getting an A+ in school and college applications. Your work will outshine other student writings. It will provide a framework for your future projects for formal publishing in academic publication. Did you know that the first step of getting academic success is acquired with note taking in class. The blog with the best ways to take notes in college will be helpful.

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How to Improve My Academic Writing Skills?

How to Improve My Academic Writing Skills?

Choosing the right topic, following the serious tone, proper structure, and format along with the right words to write, not everybody has that skill. But, it can indeed be developed. If you have the question, ‘How can I improve my academic writing skills?’ we have the answer for you. Here are 11 ways and academic writing tips for you to improve academic writing-

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1. Use Active Voice

Using active voice is one of the basic ways which can make your essay for assignment writing solid and attractive for the readers. It is the first rule to crack how to write better essays. The active voice emphasizes the doer of the action or the subject. It makes your academic writing less wordy, readable, and easy to understand. Therefore, it is preferred to write in an active voice. However, if you are learning to write paper, you should know that it is not necessary to always write in an active voice. Sometimes, students or writers are required to write in passive voice. So before writing, make sure you abide by the guideline if provided any.

2. Thorough Research

If you want to produce well-written essays, you should have proper knowledge about your subject. The only way to gather relevant information for your academic paper is by doing thorough research. The data from research suggests that a student has adequately prepared for his article. Analyze all the critical facts and create a well-written paper.

Refer to academic resources such as research papers, journals, newspapers, official data, and other sources for background information. It not only makes your article strong but also promotes you as a well-taught student who is committed to your work. Focus on the essential points and present them precisely to give insights about your topic.

3. Avoid Big Words and Cliché

Every student writing an essay or article must avoid big words and cliché phrases. If you want to improve academic writing, you must avoid words that might be too hard for the reader to understand. Choosing the correct vocabulary also depends on the tone of your article.  

4. No Repetition

One of the most significant writing improvements that you can make is avoiding repeating the exact words. While writing, people usually don’t realize that they are repeating words. It’s better to use synonyms or phrases with similar meanings instead of using the same word again in every other sentence. Avoid repetition for creative writing. Create plagiarism-free content using these tips!

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5. Follow an Outline and Sentence Structure

Before working on the final draft of your paper, make sure you create a rough draft or outline for your entire article. It’ll give a proper structure to your essay, and you’ll know what point should go where. Follow the introduction, abstract, body, and conclusion. Also, you should keep following the same sentence structure that you began with. Do not make repeated changes as it may confuse the reader in comprehending the tone and sense of the message.

6. Basic Grammar, Language, and Punctuation

Basic Grammar, Language, and Punctuation

No matter how good a topic you have chosen for your paper, the basic presentation can be a game-changer. If the grammar of your essay is not correct, the idea and subject do not remain appealing either. Little things such as professional language, punctuation, sentence framing, spelling, and grammatical errors can hold your article back from getting a good score.

7. Choosing the Right Topic

One of the most critical aspects to improve academic writing is choosing the right topic. Whether it is related to science and information technology, world affairs, or history, there are certain points you need to consider for a good topic. An excellent subject for your academic writing automatically makes your entire paper.

8. Proofread

Once you are done with your writing, go through your piece again and again. Proofread to find any error and correct it. Read aloud your essay as it helps better to recognize a mistake that you may have missed while reading. The quality of the paper is an essential part of English editing and essay writing. Also, a good conclusion is needed in academic writing. You must follow the blog on conclusion paragraph starters for the best result.

9. Take Professional Help

If you still don’t understand how to write an essay, you can seek professional help. You may join classes with essay helpers or tutors and learn to write and improve academic writing. Moreover, if you don’t want to write, there are essay writers that you can hire who will write your article for you. Also, there are many software, apps, and online tools that help you improve your essay. It is a common way how university students improve academic writing skills.

10. Practice

To develop any skill, it is critical to practice regularly. The saying ‘Practice makes a man perfect is undoubtedly true. Practice writing is one of the best tools to improve academic writing skills in articles and essay. Working on something to improve it certainly gives you better results.

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11. Ask for Feedback

The best way to find out what is missing and improve academic writing is to take the help of your loved ones. You can share your work with them and ask for feedback and edit your work accordingly. If you are writing your college application, you can take feedback from your professors as well.

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What Strategies and Resources can you Use to Improve your Academic Writing?

What Strategies and Resources can you Use to Improve your Academic Writing?

The above mentioned points are some basics to improve academic writing. But if you want some specific strategies and resources to help you improve academic writing, follow the points-

  1. Ask questions to the reader.
  2. Create a timetable, divide work and manage the time accordingly.
  3. Consider the purpose and target audience of your paper.
  4. Use oxford learner’s dictionary to improve your vocabulary.
  5. Refer to the online template and samples.
  6. Take a stand on the topic or argument and work around it. 

How do Essays Improve Professional and Academic Writing?

A person who is confident about their essay writing skill can easily ace any other professional or academic writing. It gives you the proper context and method to write and improve academic writing. The skill of essay writing helps you reason, and you are able to pin down your arguments precisely and with clarity. With a long time spent on essay writing, you gain research skills as well, which comes in handy while working on a professional essay.

You also gain experience and knowledge of working in different areas and niches. As a result, it improves your critical thinking and teaches you how to effectively express your ideas.

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How Do You Achieve Objectivity in Academic Writing?

How Do You Achieve Objectivity in Academic Writing?

If you want to bring objectivity in your academic writing, take note of the following points-

  1. Be straightforward with your ideas. Avoid being vague.
  2. Do not make your writing sound biased or opinionated.
  3. Try not to use the first person to keep it professional and inclusive.
  4. Do not exaggerate. Be precise and concise with your words.
  5. Avoid words like ‘really,’ ‘never,’ ‘always,’ ‘very,’ etc.
  6. Keep your work fact-driven, supported by evidence and examples.

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The skill of writing is something that everybody should develop, be it a student or not. However, academic writing certainly plays a more prominent role in ensuring you get what you want from your school days. Maintaining a good score is essential from school days to get into your dream college and work a dream job. Academic writing skills can enhance this process making it an important skill to have. Although it may sound simple and basic, to improve academic writing means improving your chances of a better future. Follow the above mentioned steps to make sure you shine on your academic paper. 

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