Stress is a necessary and natural part of life. It is the conscious response that challenges you to do better.

In such a moment, the body goes through physical changes, such as increased heartbeat, improved circulation and heightened cognitive abilities, which help in handling things better.

However, stress has diverse effects on different individuals and everyone feels stressed at some point in their life in spite of their age , gender or situation.

Attributing to the American Institute of Stress, there are three stages of stress.

The first stage is the “Alarm Stage” – The body mobilizes defensive forces to respond to any upcoming threat. The body starts secreting hormones and chemicals at high levels.

The second stage or the “Stage of Resistance”, the body is adaptive to the threat, and it is prepared to resist.

The final stage or as it is called “The exhaustion Stage”, where the body dies because of exhaustion of all adaptation resources. Thankfully not many people enter this stage!

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Stress Resistance


Stress is a universal experience, but everyone experiences it differently, which is why College students are no exception!

In this blog, we will explore an informative way on how to deal with college stress.

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What are the sources of Stress in College?


For many students, College is a notable time. The opportunities are infinite, and it is a rewarding and exciting period of their lives. 

However, it is also a time where students have to face unique situations. These situations crop up anytime and without warning. 

Therefore, it is pivotal to know when and how you begin to feel stressed so that you can avoid such stressful moments. 

To prevent it, we need to know how to deal with stress and anxiety in College to have a happier and authentic experience. 

We have profiled some of the Causes of Stress in College students,

  • Grades: It is the primary source of college stress. When students face a demanding situation like completing a paper in a short time or facing a tough exam, the fear of poor grades gets them all stressed out. Therefore whether a student wants to maintain a good grade or improve a poor one, grades have always been a primary stressor. To relieve some of the stress, try searching “why choose online class help for a good grade ?” – the answer might come in handy in such situations. 
  • Sleepless night: Most college students do not sleep. Even if they do, it is not enough. The body requires at least seven hours of sleep. Sleepless nights can contribute to unnecessary stress without you even knowing it. If you do not sleep, you won’t get the energy to keep up with the busy schedule such as studying after hours or enjoying the social life. 

Expectations:  Many students start stressing about College before they even begin their semester. Many students start searching on how to deal with college application stress for fear of missing out on their dream college. Again, many students stress out of not living up to the unrealistic expectations of College such as lots of parties, numerous friends and no financial problems.

students face increasing stress during finals


  • Finance: Many students have a hard time comprehending how to deal with financial Stress in College. It is a contributing stressor and often takes the form of chronic stress. With colleges becoming more expensive, maintaining healthy finance has become a significant source of stress among students. 
  • Missing Home:  New environment, living all by themself, making tough decisions and managing sleep and hygiene can become quite stressful for college students. College students are now adapting to this new life and making random mistakes. Although it is the right of passage, it is also a stress inducer for many students who cannot handle such situations alone. 
  • Work: Stated before, College is expensive, and many students are finding ways to ease the financial burden. That is why, many students are taking at least one job during their college tenure, to pay the bills on their own. However, many students have a hard time balancing work and study and Work quickly becomes a stressful situation. 

College Relationships: College relationships can prove stressful if it does not turn out the way you expected. College relationship can be healthy if you understand the limit and make sure it does not interfere with your other obligations.

The best ways to take notes in college can help you in reducing stress.

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How to deal with Stress in College?

Stress is inescapable, and no one is immune to it. Stress occurs when the tension level in your body exceeds your energy level. It is then you start feeling depressed, anxious and overwhelmed. 

We here at take my online class listed a detailed strategy to deal with stress. If we understand the triggers of stressful situations, we are well on our way to prevent it. 

  • Time management: It is the crucial skill for relieving stress and an essential skill to complete College. You can avoid any stressful situations with excellent time management skills such as your study, assignment and classes by managing your time well. You may even save some time for your activities as well. Therefore, it is vital that you set aside time blocks for each activity and remain sincere to that routine. To understand more about planning your time in a better way, do check out our next blog to know the best 9 time management tips for online students.
  • Get enough sleep: If you want to deal with stress, get a decent night’s sleep. Getting enough sleep is essential for emotional well-being, and it helps improve mental health. More sleep will give you more energy that will help you to navigate through those stressful situations efficiently. 
  • Diet: Similar to getting proper sleep, having a healthy diet goes a long way in relieving stress problems. A healthy diet will provide a far-reaching and positive outlook on life. It will also improve your mental health and make it easier for you to handle stress. 
  • Prioritize: Do the important tasks first! Most students end up in stressful situations because they leave the necessary tasks for last and procrastinate. Finishing important tasks leaves ample room to do other things without worrying. 

Exercise: Find the time to do regular exercise. By making your body healthier, you are providing yourself with the tools to fight stress head-on! Getting proper exercise keeps the mind and body ready to tackle any stressful situations.

How to deal with College Stress


Stress-outlet: Find a stress outlet to decompress. Find what relaxes you, such as a hobby. Having an enjoyable hobby will help you manage the impact of everyday stress and keep you running. Hobbies can include playing sports, listening to music, playing video games, watching movies and many others. There are limitless choices to distract yourself and counter stress.

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Positive thinking: Whenever you are feeling negative about yourself or a situation, counter that thought with positive reinforcement. Rather than spiralling down, keep yourself in the right frame during such a stressful time. Try finding the silver lining in every situation than spinning into chronic stress. 

Relax:  Meditating is a great way to clear your thoughts and release stress, such as doing yoga or other exercises. Take an intense breath the next time you feel stressed. Sometimes it is always good to laugh for a brief moment. You can watch a funny video or talk with a friend to feel more relaxed. 

Realistic expectations: It is essential to balance School and personal life if you are willing to maintain stress. Set realistic goals for yourself that is achievable. Then break each goal into smaller actionable blocks. By setting smaller achieving goals, you will accomplish your goals and feel good about yourself at the same time.

Talk to Others: Dealing with Stress alone is difficult. Joining a support group or talking to your college counsellor will allow open communication, help your process your emotions and provide you with a safe space that is free of judgement. Talking to others provides accountability, learning vaping mechanisms and building a friendship for those who want to participate. 

While we have heard of the phrase “work hard, play hard”, taking it too far comes with severe consequences. Students who deal with stress may feel obligated to take stimulants, but it is not the right way to do so. Extreme alcohol abuse and consumption are some of the leading causes of suicide amongst student—the suicide attempts in College rates between one and two per cent each year.

It is important to remember to maintain a balanced approach when it comes to taking stimulants.

Relying on alcohol and other substances is not a proper solution when dealing with Stress in College and even in life.

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