Summary - Externship and internship programs are designed to provide industrial training to students and job aspirants... Externs are usually students who get practical training in between their semesters. While Inters are passed out, freshers are recruited to gain experience and become full-time employees.

Many college students wonder, ‘What is externship vs internship? What is the difference between the two-term? Also, are they perform the same role?’ 

Both internships and externships are a part of an academic course. In both cases, college students pursuing a degree or a course will visit a firm or company to get practical work exposure. They have to perform day-to-day duties as part of a training program. Also, it adds value to college credit and academic grades. 

What is an Externship?


Externship definition means job shadowing an individual in a particular industry where the student is specialized. The candidate can work with industry professionals as the first step toward their future career path. 

Usually, the duration of the externships is less. It can be somewhere between a single day and can stay up to eight weeks. If you are a college student looking for externship opportunities, check out our exclusive senior project ideas. And choose a suitable one to impress your instructor. Similarly, final-year projects also depict your overall concept of the relevant subjects. 

Now many students wonder, “Is the externship paid or unpaid?” Externships are unpaid internships, as externs are usually students who seek some industry-specific training for academic credits. Also, many students acquire internship training after completing their high school semester. In some exceptional cases, externs get a minimal stipend to cover their travel and daily expenses. 

What is an Internship?


On the other hand, internship programs specialized processes to provide practical job training where the student gets hands-on experience. The program is designed to train an intern toward their career path. It is also termed the short-term placement arrangement. 

The meaning of internship is a position where a college student gets an experiential learning opportunity in relevant industries. The organization trains and guides interns with the core skills to achieve career goals.

We hope the ‘externship vs internship definition ‘is quite clear with the above explanation. Job seekers should pursue externships and internships to enhance their chances of securing their dream job. The small projects are dedicated to externship students allowing students to have some industry exposure. 

Also, many candidates turn internship opportunities into stable career. But to get internship opportunities, candidates should clear the interview process. To help with that, you may Take My Online Class, and you will thrive in your career. 

What is the purpose of both internships and externships?

College students participate in externship programs. The primary purpose is to enhance their classroom learning with practical work experience. With a few noteworthy exceptions, it offers students the chance to gain valuable experience. 

So if you are a student searching for academic help like ‘how to get WebAssign Answers?‘ You must search for some good opportunities for externships as well.

Students can explore and enhance their careers while learning new skills through internships. It allows the business to cultivate talent. Also, it brings in fresh perspectives and vigor. In addition, it creates a streamlined process for future full-time workers. 

Many professionals worked as interns at the entry-level, and after gaining good experience, they were promoted to much higher ranks. So there is little difference between an ‘internship vs job,’ but you must study hard to thrive in your career. 

Educational tools like Honorlock Extension and other online resources will guide you to achieve your target in personalized and specialized processes. 

Externship vs internship:

If you learn the definition of externship and internship, their difference will be quite clear. But, it is now important to find out the difference between the two.

The minor projects are dedicated to externship students allowing students to have some industry exposure. It is going to be extremely beneficial to the students.

Most internships are paid and are treated as just a step before employment. But, an internship is a big step in the career field. But if still, you are in a dilemma about which one is better, an intern vs extern. We will further emphasize it in the following section. 

But preparation is the key to both career opportunities. So you must concentrate on your course materials. Also, procrastination is a student’s worst enemy, so learn about the opposite of procrastination so that you can adopt it.

What is the difference between Internship and Externship?


High school students always have project work as a part of their academic course. A separate department takes care of internships in college or high school. Inform them about significant updates like the current RPI acceptance rate and other relevant topics. 

Internship and externships offer training programs that a student get from an organization. Mostly, the internship coordinator is responsible for it. Let us find out their differences.

  • Usually, the school sends them for such a program. Here, they perform job duties. But, the externship is quite tiny compared to internships.
  • Internships have a longer duration. For example, it can be somewhere between 3 months to 1 year. Usually, the summer internships are for three months. But, has a shorter duration. It can start from 1 day till 2 months,
  • An externship student cannot be treated like an industry professional after they complete the training. Rather, the chances of getting a job are quite high if you complete an internship. But, the interns get pre-career opportunities.
  • Unlike internships, externship opportunities are quite limited. Schools and colleges might send you to an externship program. But, they, too, have to request the organizations for the intake. But, the internship opportunities are massive. Externships tend to be organized between semesters.
  • The externs receive college credit. But, the interns are already pass-out candidates, so this doesn’t apply to them.
  • The internship is one of the paid opportunities. But, the externship is totally unpaid.

However, as mentioned, whether internship or externship, students must prepare hard to pursue these training programs seamlessly. The Cengage Answer Key will significantly help them in their venture.

Internship vs. externship in terms of college credits

Usually, internships are paid training programs. But, sometimes, it can vary from one organization to another about their policies.


A college student with internship experience gets an opportunity for professional development. But, the externship program lasts for just a few weeks. In both cases, the students gain work experience that helps them throughout their careers.

Students asked to participate in speech competitions during their internship must know the definition of the counterargument. You can look right here.

College credits:

The main difference between an internship and an externship is college credit. The internships offer credits for college academic grades, which is highly beneficial for their career field. 

But, the internship is among the unpaid opportunities where students don’t receive academic credits. The “internship vs. externship meaning” is quite essential to understand.

Whether you are interested in similar comparisons, the concept of Mediator vs Moderator will surely interest you.


The extern vs intern in terms of duration has now come with clarity. Students can get a typical week of industry experience while enrolling in an externship program. But, gaining experience within the specific industry for six months to 1 year is an internship program. One can become a full-time employee after completion of the internship program.

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Key Takeaways:

So, externships are done during college study, and internships are offered when students are in their final years or passed their graduation course. Externship is unpaid, while students get a stipend during their internship and practical training. So, both have a separate role in making a student into a hardcore professional. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should a student put an Externship in their resume?

Yes, you must put your externship experience in your resume. An externship is a beautiful way to explore the first-hand experience of a student just after the job offer.

2. How to apply for an Externship?

To get the externship program, students must match the criteria. Since it is a typically shorter training program, getting the opportunity is relatively easy. Also, it is based on each student’s interests.

3. How to get an Internship?

Usually, your college has many internships program. You can ask them to arrange one for you. Also, recent graduates can get it through several campus resources.

4. What is Practicum vs. Internship?

The usual task of the practicum student comprises documentation as well as observation. But, the students getting into internships pursue all the activities they are supposed to do while on the job.

5. Do you get paid during an Externship or Internship?

Inters get a stipend during their training, while the training is unpaid for externs. 

6. Can you get hired from an Externship?

No, externships are offered to college students between semesters so that students can gain some industry-specific knowledge. After training, they return to complete their college courses. 

7. How long is an Externship?

Externship programs have no specific duration. It can range between one day and eight weeks. 

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