This blog will let you explore everything about the Honorlock extension. Here, students will learn how to install the Honorlock chrome extension, remove the Honorlock extension, and use Honorlock on a laptop or desktop computer and additional information. So let’s start!

What is Honorlock?

Honorlock is a remote proctoring service that helps students to take online tests. The best part is students don’t need to create an account or schedule any prior appointment. You can get Honorlock support 24×7.

All you need is a computer with a Google Chrome browser. In addition, you need proctoring exam technology devices. That includes a camera, microphone, and proper internet connectivity. 


Who Chose Honorlock?


Online proctoring exams are trending now. As many students are enrolled in online courses and training. Instructors need to provide instructions or detect cheating during online exams. Currently, many proctoring technology services are available, but Honorlock offers the best testing environment.

The simplicity, security, and effectiveness of the Honorlock make it the favorite testing center. Honorlock offers an information security review that includes an assessment of the vendors. Information security manages around fifteen different information and security domains.

Moreover, the university Registrar vetted companies like the GDPR Privacy Policy, Student Privacy Statement, and FERPA statement for using Honorlock.

How Does Honorlock Work?

Honorlock reviews and records the testing environment’s audio, visual, and desktop computer aspects. It also performs the room scan before the exam. Students need a webcam, microphone, and computer to take the test. Apart from the knowledge of honorlock extension, you must know ‘ how to get WebAssign answers?’ We have experts who can explain it today.

Honorlock chrome extension is the only compatible tool to use the service. You need to install the chrome Honorlock extension to attend exams. Moreover, Honorlock also performs an ID verification process and checks essential student data to proceed with the test.

Students need to provide acceptable identification forms. That includes any government ID cards, school ID cards, or passports. Students can access helpful information and instructions on the students’ information page.

Honorlock System Requirements For Students

  • Students need a laptop or a desktop, not a tablet—also, a webcam and microphone.
  • Constant and reliable internet connectivity.
  • Honorlock chrome extension is the only compatible browser. Also, review third parties cookies are enabled.
  • You must install the Google chrome extension.
  • Mac users can navigate to student FAQs to get complete feedback and confirm system requirements.

No more worries about who will do my online class!

How To Add Honorlock Extension

To use Honorlock, students must install the Google Chrome browser in their system. Honorlock extension won’t enable on tablets. Now download the Honorlock chrome extension using the following link:

Once the extension is downloaded, click add the extension and log in to your student’s account to take the online proctoring exam.

When you click launch proctoring, it will start the Honorlock authentication process. You can use Honorlock 24×7. 

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How to Use Honorlock Extension

When you have downloaded and installed the Honorlock Google chrome browser, you can easily use Honorlock. When you want to take the test, log in to Blackboard and select your course to take the test.

Click “Launch Proctoring” to start the Honorlock authentication process. Here, you will click the picture of yourself, present your ID and finish the scan of your room or class.

Honorlock starts recording the exam session using a webcam and also records your screen. Honorlock is equipped with an integrity algorithm that detects search engine use. So, don’t try to search for answers on browsers.

When you submit the exam, your session will end, and it’s noted on the Blackboard. Now your instructor can review your session if required and view the proctored session’s results. The proctoring activities stop once you exit the exam. Now you can uninstall Honorlock or remove the Honorlock Google chrome extension.

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Does Honorlock Determine Who is Cheating?


Your instructors expect you to maintain academic integrity. Honorlock is a proctoring software, and it can easily detect who is cheating. It can record the websites you accessed or attempted when you are active in the exam.

The software collects your name, IP address, and email from Blackboard. It also stores your photo and ID for a specific time after the exam. In case universities prompted for that information for authentication.

However, your instructor can decide whether to record your exam session. If recorded, your instructor will have audio and video of your exam session. All these things make it difficult to cheat Honorlock proctoring exam. Similarly, when you are pursuing academic studies, the counterargument is something you cannot ignore. Thus, you talk about it in full through counterargument definition.

How to Download Honorlock Extension?

Before attempting the Honorlock proctored exam, you must install the Honorlock Google chrome extension. Honorlock only works with the chrome browser. Here are the steps to download Honorlock:

  • Open the course website, which utilizes Honorlock. Now click on the Honorlock toolbar link.
  • You can view the Honorlock chrome extension window. Now check the “I Agree” box and click on the blue “Get Started” button.
  • You will see the tab with Chrome Web Store. Now click the blue button “Add to Chrome.”
  • Click on add extension button, and you will get the confirmation message that the extension has been installed.

Now you are prepared to take Honorlock proctored test.

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How to Remove Honorlock Extension?


It takes just a few clicks to remove or reinstall the Honorlock Google chrome extension.

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  • ■  At the upper right-hand corner, select “ellipses icon” (three vertical dots).
  • Now go to “More Tools” and then “Extension.”
  • Now explore the Honorlock extension and click on the “Remove” button.
  • The confirmation message will appear, and the Honorlock extension will be completely uninstalled from your system.  

How Secure is Honorlock?

Honorlock utilizes a chrome extension and records all screen activity during the exam session. Honorlock privacy statement explains how to use the chrome extension. It will help instructors and students protect data and address other privacy issues.

All the data and information collected by Honorlock during exam sessions are subject to FERPA protection. Data collected is only used by Honorlock for the proctoring activities. All the recordings will be deleted once the time for the grade appeal has passed.

We Have an Honor Code already. Why Do We Need to Use Honorlock?

It’s all about maintaining the balance between trust and due diligence. Honorlock has its exam policies, and you must adhere to them. Moreover, the Honorlock council has around fifty reports of exam policy violations yearly.

That’s why you must use Honorlock to take the online proctoring exam. Remote proctoring offers a reliable process for identity verification and offer secure testing environment.

Honorlock Exam Rules

The online testing environment must replicate the traditional classroom exam environment. Explore “Honorlock Standard Exam Guidelines for the detailed exam rules.”

Also, your instructors may have additional rules for taking the Honorlock exam. Refer to all the guidelines and contact exam coordinators in case of doubts. Get the best Cengage Answer Key now!

How To Get Honorlock Support

You can get Honorlock support through email at You can also connect with them via live chat.

Students can also reach Honorlock through our GTOC experts.


Honorlock is an online exam proctoring software with a modern algorithm to detect cheating. Students need to install the Honorlock chrome extension to take the exam. Honorlock records every activity during the exam period using your webcam, microphone, and browser.

Once you submit the exam, your session ends, and Honorlock stops proctoring activities. If you feel nervous writing the Honorlock exam, contact our experts for a comprehensive online exam solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Honorlock extension?

Explore your course website, which is using Honorlock. Click on the “Honorlock Toolbar” link to get the Honorlock chrome extension window. Check the “I Agree” option and click the “Get Started” button in blue. 

What If you don’t have the necessary technology to take the Honorlock exam?

You can contact your university’s student office. They will consider students with extraordinary requests and offer a solution. Usually, they will arrange the necessary technology in the exam center for you to take the Honorlock exam.

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