Has anyone ever assigned you to deliver an informative speech? It would help if you had ideas for good informative speeches. In this expert blog, you can get a list of exciting topics that will grab the attention of the audience members.

The speech can be the inaugural, storytelling, and a celebratory wedding toast. 

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Major Types of Informative Speeches

It would help if you had ideas for several informative speeches. Let us go through the details of it.

1. Definition Speeches

The definition speeches usually explain the concept or the theory of a subject. Usually, these speech topics start with, ‘what is….’

2. Explanatory Speeches

As the name suggests, explanatory speech deals with fully describing a concept or a fact. For example, if you speak about the binary system in numbers, just the definition may be all.

3. Demonstrative Speeches

You must use a classic ‘ how to’ variation in expressive speech. In another way, it will show you how to perform the task. Also, you can include the visual presentation along with the steps.

4. Descriptive Speeches

You must collect ample information about the topic before dealing with the descriptive speech format. Usually, in a descriptive speech, you must include a visual image for the audience. As a result, your audience will understand the facts with an in-depth impression. Now you can get the cross sectional data with this as you will need two sources to have an analysis of data.

5. Comparative Speeches

In these types of speeches, you compare an object or person with another. There is a comparison between the two. Thus, the audience can understand the similarity and differences between the two.

6. Persuasive Information Speeches

The informative speech aims to provide facts about a specific topic. It will boost the audience and make them perform a particular action that you are expecting from them. Also, it will convince the audience to build the speaker’s opinion.

Often, students only perform when their professors instantly ask them to deliver an informative speech. But you can now seek help from expert tutors to do my online class.

How To Pick An Informative Speech Topic: The Five W’s

How To Pick An Informative Speech Topic: The Five W's

One of the exciting things about Lumen Learning is that there are five factors you must think about when you are focused on a particular direction. Here are the 5 W’s before you present information.

Who Gets Affected By Your Issue Or Your Topic?

The first question is ‘who.’ The “who” is the audience. You are going to affect the listeners of your speech. Once you know your audience, you must research their expectations beforehand. You can prepare the informative speech and deliver it up to their expectations.

Why Do You Think The Topic Is Important?

Now, the topic that you have chosen must have a powerful reason. There are several topics around the globe, in books and even on the world wide web. But what made you choose the particular case that you have picked? You must think about it and analyze it.

What Is The Vital Point Of View Over Here?

The point of view can vary from one person to another. Even when focusing on public speaking, you must have considered a specific issue. There might be many people in the audience who might not like your point. It is just because they have a unique view. It is where you must think wisely and present what is right.

Which Areas Of The World Do You Think The Topic Has Its Impact?

It simply speaks about the location. Not all topics work in every part of the world. The demand and preferences of people in the United States might differ from those in Singapore. Thus, it would help if you did little research about the countries that will accept and have value in your speech.

When Can/Does The Topic Occur?

It solely speaks about the time. Some topics are time bound. For example, think about the death of a celebrity. The impact of the subject will stay a single week to two. The audience will reduce when you keep saying the same thing after 2-3 months.

Now that you know about the 5 W’s, you can find good informative speech topics automatically.

Even when employees start delivering Retirement Speech, the 5 W’s are vital.

List of Informative Speech Topics: Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

List of Informative Speech Topics: Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

The informative speech topics have several categories. Let us start with the easy, informative speech ideas.

  1. Top 5 ways to improve your communication skill.
  2. What are the advantages of buying an electric car?
  3. Which is the most memorable speech in history?
  4. Top 10 ways to learn the body language.
  5. Who is the ultimate politician in 2022-2023?
  6. Lesser known president.
  7. What are the top habits of successful people?
  8. Healthier ways of eating.
  9. What do you think was the worst natural disaster ever on earth?
  10. How to improve your diet.

Informative Speech Topics On Real-Life Scenarios

  1. Technology’s adverse effects and how to live without power.
  2. The world’s wealthiest individuals.
  3. The best businesses in the world.
  4. Child prodigies and geniuses.
  5. What effects does sugar have on the body?
  6. The background of Disney World.
  7. How to stop harmful behaviours.
  8. Best cosmetics for younger skin.
  9. How to complete homework more quickly.
  10. How to increase productivity.
  11. Before graduating from high school, pupils need to complete these five tasks.
  12. The advantage of the year before college for high school students.
  13. The top healthy treats.
  14. Reasons to become vegan.

Informative Speech Topics For College

Informative Speech Topics For College
  1. Ways to cut back on carbon emissions.
  2. Different types of education.
  3. The reality about microplastics and potential substitutes.
  4. Tips for acing a college exam.
  5. Why schools should not assign homework.
  6. Fastest-growing cities in America.
  7. The communication styles of men differ from that of women
  8. The top marketing strategies.
  9. How crucial education is to a nation’s economy.
  10. Artificial intelligence ethical issues.
  11. Innovative methods to halt climate change.
  12. How to reach 100 years old.
  13. E-advantages learning’s.
  14. American educational history How to end poverty.
  15. Foster care in America, as it is.
  16. How to select a major for college.
  17. The benefits and drawbacks of the current educational system.
  18. Urban versus rural development economics.
  19. Agriculture in history.
  20. How the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids.
  21. Ways to stop the top.

Fun & Informative Speech Topics

  1. Does putting off tasks benefit you?
  2. True or false? Only 10% of our brains you used.
  3. The funniest advertisements ever.
  4. You had no idea that some strange sports existed.
  5. How venom from snakes attacks the body.
  6. What kind of people will there be in the future?
  7. most bizarre medical facts.
  8. The most bizarre phobias.
  9. The keys to a successful relationship.
  10. The world’s fastest vehicles.
  11. Why do hiccups occur?
  12. Indications of life on Mars.
  13. The evolution of tattoos worldwide.
  14. Why university students enjoy fast food.
  15. Game development over time.
  16. What financial changes can cryptocurrencies bring.
  17. What causes stereotypes to exist?
  18. Conspiracy theories that are the craziest.
  19. The musicians who have had the most significant, enduring impact.
  20. The world’s craziest amusement park rides.
  21. The best activities to engage in when bored.
  22. Tattooing’s history.

Interesting Informative Speech Topics

  1. The psychology of attraction.
  2. Amazing information on volcanoes.
  3. The psychology of product sales.
  4. reasons to convert your grass to a garden.
  5. Evidence of aliens, genuine or false.
  6. How to launch a company for less than $100.
  7. The viewpoint of a minority on American history.
  8. The impact of technology on our brains.
  9. How would the economy change if everyone produced their food?
  10. The ethics of genetic alteration and its science.
  11. How Tesla created the electric car and how successful Elon Musk became.
  12. What exactly is NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)?
  13. How deaf people convey emotion when speaking.
  14. Why grins spread like wildfire.

Informative Speech Topics on Cultural Traditions

  1. How to study another culture while on holiday.
  2. The significance of organizational culture.
  3. How to create a culture that is favourable at work.
  4. How social media links people and advances civilization.
  5. The world’s oldest civilizations, Modern vs traditional gender roles.
  6. How gender equality has changed business leadership.
  7. The risks of a culture of bustle.
  8. How media platforms culture affects one’s sense of self.
  9. How to gain knowledge from movies.
  10. Rise of the podcast and their significance in contemporary culture.
  11. Social media’s place in business.
  12. How immigrants uphold their native cultures in their new nations.
  13. Native American spiritual practises and antiquity’s unheard-of archaeological artefacts.
  14. Sacred plants and herbs from several world cultures.
  15. How to create a tribal African basket.
  16. How black culture is portrayed in the media.
  17. The Scandinavian culture.
  18. Funeral customs.

Informative Speech About Depression

  1. Symptoms and treatment of depression in children.
  2. Vital facts of Postpartum depression relationship.
  3. Depression due to improper clinical condition.
  4. Teenage depression facts.
  5. Ways of training and managing depression.
  6. Abnormal Psychology: Depression with anxiety.
  7. Treatment of bipolar disorder and depression.

Informative Speech Outline

Informative Speech Outline

Writing a script for an informative speech is imperative. But before you proceed with the main content, creating an outline of the address is essential. The speech outline will ensure you don’t miss out on an essential point. An informative speech outline example can help you make the speech delivery more effective.

Title- Making the world a better place to live with the green theme.

General purpose– To inform.

Specific purpose– The primary purpose of the speech is awareness. The audience will understand the importance of planting trees at the end of the informative speech.

Thesis statement– The green theme has transformed plastic usage into biodegradable products. It heals the environment and creates awareness among the people.


Pertinent information with a hook to grab the audience’s attention will be necessary. It is better to start with a question, such as ‘ Did you know?’, ‘Do you think?’, etc. You can also break this introduction section into the following parts:

  • Topic introduction
  • Relevance along with the credibility
  • Preview statement.


Here, you must explain the concept you introduced in the previous section. It would help if you defined the idea with some informative speech examples and precise definitions. Place some case studies. Good informative speech topics will grab the audience’s attention with interesting facts.


The conclusion for informative speeches must not include any additional facts. Whatever you have explained in the body paragraph must be there in conclusion. You can revise the facts in this section.

Informative Speaking Topic Selection

The topic selection is a crucial part of every information speech. A proper research strategy is vital in selecting the right topic for your audience.

Researching an Informative Speech Topic

The informational speaker’s task is to deliver factual information. Thus, conveying the facts to the audience will only be possible by diving deep into the topic. If you have sharp research skills, that will be a bonus part of your speech delivery.

Finding suitable sources, such as newspapers, books, and periodicals, will help. Also, ample resources online will help you get a lot of information. You can also use the guidelines of the specific case studies available in research-based papers.

Organizing an Informative Speech

The speaker needs quality information to teach the speaker to the audience. The information is not accessible the way we think about it. As you have chosen the topic based on your research, there are more steps before delivery. The following are the steps:

Organizing Patterns

Let us find out three popular organizational patterns. Following are the patterns which the speaker must use while organizing the speeches:

  • Topical
  • Chronological
  • Spatial.

Apart from the organizing patterns of informative speech, one should know about Counterargument Definitions and their practices. Get the details easily right here.

Conducting a multicultural festival, one of the many student council ideas, can be a good topic for an informative speech.   

Tips For Delivering Flawless Informative Speech

Tips For Delivering Flawless Informative Speech

You must follow a few tips to deliver your informative speech without errors.

Tip 1- Analyze the Audience

When you start a speech, your audience is your judge. Thus, satisfying them with your address is a vital phenomenon. You must know what exactly your audience is expecting from you. It all depends on their interest. For example, if you have chosen a bioscience topic and presented it to the masses with an engineering background, they will lose interest. Thus, it would help if you chose a topic that will interest them.

Tip 2- Appropriate Language usage

The speaking style also affects the audience when delivering an informative speech. For example, if the mass expects a lot of jargon in the address, it will be stupid to speak grammatically correct English. It would help if you said it in such a way that the audience can connect with you.

Tip 3- Explanation of Importance

Some speeches may depend on a particular object’s method or fictionality. Those speeches explain the working mechanism. Thus, along with the topic’s importance, you must also deal with the explanation.

Tip 4- Subject material interest

Usually, people find speeches to be boring. Thus, the speaker needs to make the subject enjoyable. For that, they can use supporting material. These days, the speaker provides a presentation with visual aids. You, too, can use these to make the speech enjoyable.

Tip 5- Show practical

Unlike the demonstration speech, which offers theoretical knowledge to the audience, the informative speech must focus on the action. It is just like the activities in a science experiment. You need to show the audience the working mechanism or the process so that the audience believes.

Tip 6- Keep specific

Usually, the informative speech deals with general facts. But, to attract the audience’s attention, you must focus on a specific point. For example, if you are speaking about the thesis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Write An Informative Speech?

Follow the following steps to write an excellent informative speech:

  • Analyze your audience
  • Use the right speaking style.
  • Present your entire explanation.
  • Be specific
  • Conclude with a recap.

What Are Good Informative Speech Topics?

Good informative speech topics must provide adequate facts to the audience. The facts must be exciting and meet the audience’s expectations.

What Are The 3 Main Ideas Behind Informative Speech?

The three primary goals of an informative speech are:

  • arousing the interest of the audience
  • presentation of information with ease
  • Restating and helping the audience revise the facts said previously.

How To Start An Informative Speech?

Though there is no hard and fast rule for starting an informative speech, beginning with a question will be good. It will be enjoyable in the audience’s mind.

What Are The 4 Types Of Informative Speech?

The four informative speech topics are:

  • Definitive
  • descriptive
  • demonstrative
  • explanatory

What Is A 2-Minute Topic For A Speech?

As the name suggests, the two minutes topics will explain and state the facts of a speech in just 2 minutes.

How Do I Find A Unique Topic?

The only way to get a unique topic is through proper research on newspapers, publications, and the internet. You can also use your creativity.

What Is The First Line Of Speech?

The first line of a speech must have some facts about the topic. The audience must get some interest in the entire informative speech with a starting line.

What Is The Purpose Of An Informative Speech?

The primary purpose of an informative speech is to impart new knowledge. But, it should be engaging with some valuable facts and examples.

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