Why is college so stressful? Is this the question to which you are searching for an answer? Well! It is pretty natural to feel stress in college. Students also get panic attacks at school. Now, when these school students are promoted to college, the pressure of studies has increased. Professors increase the homework burden on college students along with projects. 

College is a vital educational platform where a student decides their career. Thus, performance at college predominantly affects career choice. As a result, they get pressure from home and college to bring higher grades. The particular expectation level creates stress on college student.

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Why is college so stressful?

Anything that disturbs your natural equilibrium might cause stress. Everyone possesses a different way of responding to things. Thus, whatever irritates you could not bother your friends at all. At the same time, they too can be annoyed for a reason which will be usual for you. Let’s find out some typical sources of stress in college as follows:


Staying away from one’s family

Staying away from the family is one of the reasons of students stress

Most American college students relocate so they can attend classes. The American Association of Community Institutions reports that in 2011–12. Around 56% of students attending public two-year colleges reside away from home. The proportion has increased to 68% for students attending public four-year colleges.

Some students may find it frightening to live independently for the first time. ‘College is stressing me out is something most students say. Many get issues with taking full responsibility for themselves for the first time.

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Study anxiety

For some individuals, the increasing academic demands of college might be stressful. It can lead to college burnout. Even students who sailed through high school could not achieve post-secondary academic standards. That is what they had hoped. According to research, academic aptitude alone cannot predict college success. In one study, high achievers in high school who acted irresponsibly tended to witness a decline in their GPAs during their first semester of college.

Many students also experience pressure to do well to keep their scholarships or to please their parents. In fact, according to a 2011 survey, 64% of Americans think parents don’t push their kids hard enough to achieve well in school.

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Stress with finances

Students also become stressed with the finances

In 2019–20, 53% of households utilized student earnings or savings to subsidize college costs. Some students find it quite stressful. They cannot ensure they have enough money to cover their expenses. It is especially when they don’t plan or stick to a budget. Some students may struggle with money management. It can truly be stressful for parents as well.

Additionally, many students struggle to juggle part-time jobs. Also, their classes and homework leave them with very little free time. In reality, the National Center for Educational Statistics reports that in 2018, 43% of full-time undergraduates had employment. Moreover, 28% of those individuals put in more than 20 hours each week. Therefore, worries regarding financial flow can be very stressful.

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The stress of cracking job 

The stress of cracking job makes students feel anxious

Students believe that attending college is their only chance to have a better, more profitable profession. These things are true, too. Both professional options and income are excellent for college grads. However, they enter a competitive workforce, earn less on average than prior generations, and frequently take longer to begin their careers.

According to the APA, seventy-seven per cent of Gen Z adults worry too much about their jobs. Furthermore, the tension is justified. Forbes cited research that suggested that 43% of recent college graduates were underemployed in 2018. This indicates that students work in positions that generally pay less and don’t fully utilize their degrees.

The no employment rate for college graduates is relatively low. It is around 2.1 per cent vs 3.9 per cent for high school graduates. The problem is quite severe. Flat salaries hurt these hired college grads. In reality, college graduates’ wages have stagnated for more than 20 years while their loans have increased. Also, college graduates’ average salaries only increased by 14 per cent between 1989 and 2014. 

The cost of living has dramatically soared, making things worse. We may start to comprehend the different forms of employment stress students experience when we combine that reality with debt payments.

Greater intergenerational inequality has resulted from this. The young have fewer opportunities to build wealth, according to the data. Also, explore 8 amazing study to success tips for academic benefits

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Lack of assistance

Students also feel stress because of lack of assistance
College campuses have evolved in such a way that they are now well-equipped to provide a variety of psychological help for students. That fact is accurate. But, when you access it, that becomes the biggest challenge.

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Students seeking psychological counseling on campuses typically complain about various problems. It includes wait times for initial and follow-up consultations. It can occasionally be as long as five weeks.  

According to research done on Yale undergraduate students last year, around a quarter of them sought therapy, and most were dissatisfied with the outcomes.

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Tips for managing stress at college

Once you know the reasons behind the stress and tension, it’s time to reduce it instantly. Following are the ways through which managing stress will be possible.

Here are some tips for managing stress at college

How to Manage Homesickness

Getting acclimated to living away from home for a lengthy period is one of the most challenging aspects of attending college. When students realize how far their family and friends are, the initial thrill of finally being independent gives way to dread and melancholy. Students who are not ready for it may suffer from being thrown into a situation where they must learn how to care for themselves.

The feeling of culture shock that one could experience on campus is another element that could cause homesickness. The sheer quantity of students at their university may be too much for pupils from smaller schools. The college students not ok with relocation also suffer from homesickness.

College friendship

People frequently carry their college friendships with them throughout their lives. However, for new students, learning how to make friends can be a challenging, uncomfortable task. Many haven’t had to make new friends in a while because they graduated from high school, where the same social circle surrounded them.

It can be challenging for undergrads to decide where to meet new people, even though most colleges know this and organize a variety of icebreakers in the first few weeks of school. The circumstance might be very stressful, depending on how at ease a person is approaching others. It is essential for stressful balance.

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Take part in leisurely contemplative activities

Each of us has demands that must be satisfied. We love personal pastimes such as eating, sleeping, relaxing, reading, and socializing. Some of the events that we like are

A quick snack stroll around the campus or your neighborhood, lunch with a friend or 

a short video conversation with a friend

These can serve as quick breaks. We are less likely to feel stress when we are aware of these demands and give them the time they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is college so hard and stressful?

College in general is not stressful. But, attending college brings up some changes in a student; ‘s life. Those students who cannot adapt themselves find it stressful. Those include:

  • Increase in responsibilities
  • Change in the sleeping and eating routine
  • Law of time management, etc

2. Why is applying to college so stressful?

The college application process is stressful as the student volume is increasing yearly. Thus, the competition is too high. But, along with it, the number of student intake is less. Therefore, students willing to apply for college need to go through stress.

3. Why is college tuition so stressful?

The education system has changed to a superior level. Thus, the lessons have become harder than the previous ones. Students cannot cope with their studies and get stressed with college tuition.

4. Why is college registration so stressful?

I believe that the institution wants to keep seats available for incoming new students. Thus, this semester registration has become difficult. Due to the university’s actions, it is now more challenging for existing students to complete the Butler requirements. Students must wait for the last arrival student to check the seat available.

5. Why is college so much more stressful than high school?

College is more stressful than school. The study load in college is much more than in high school. As a result, the responsibility is increased. Students start panicking about the whole situation.

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